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Why do you march? – A photo essay

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Thousands took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles Saturday for the fifth annual Women’s March in support of reproductive rights in light of a recently signed Texas law prohibiting abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Genesis M. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“We have autonomy over our body” – Genesis M.

Bryanna Evaro. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“It’s 2021, and it seems pretty insane that we’re here. It’s incredibly important to gather and create awareness. Women’s rights and reproductive rights are human rights.” – Bryanna Evaro

Sueann Ferraro (right) and Esther Hopkins (left). | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“I never thought that we would be back here again fighting for those things that we thought were already established. It highlights that we always have to keep an eye on the ball and be active and make sure that our rights are always protected.” – Esther Hopkins

Tina Larrimore. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“I have great nieces in the military in Texas and Georgia, and I’m here for them. We have to be there for our future. It’s really important, what happens to our body.” – Tina Larrimore

David Johnson. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“These abortion bans are outrageous. I’m a man, I don’t understand what women go through. I think it’s wrong for people to tell women what to do with their bodies.” – William Henry

Kaitlyn Keys (left) and Camille Talmadge (right). | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“There’s so many times in the world where women’s voices are silenced for whatever reason, whether it’s sexual violence or rights over their bodies. I’m here to be loud for those people.” – Kaitlyn Keys

William Henry. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“I don’t like what’s going on with what Texas is doing. I believe in women’s rights, and I believe in women’s right to choose.” – David Johnson

Valerie Morishige. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

“Women rights are under attack. Voting rights are under attack. Everything for the common good is under attack.” – Valerie Morishige

Demonstrators sat in front of City Hall after the march. | Photo by Nova Blanco-Rico

After the march, folks sat in front of City Hall and listened to a number of speakers from Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters to Paxton Smith, a student from Texas whose valedictorian speech went viral after she vocally opposed the state’s abortion law.

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