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Pioneering pet store franchise, petNmind, to bring holistic experience to Monrovia

by Jordan Green
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Rebecca Trac, a passionate entrepreneur, is set to open a unique pet store franchise called petNmind in Monrovia. Trac’s store stands out as the first and only pet franchise in the industry with a black franchisor, which was a key factor in her decision to join forces with Adrian Archie, the Florida-based business owner. With plans to expand, Trac aims to open multiple stores within the San Gabriel Valley area, solidifying her presence in the thriving Los Angeles territory.

What sets petNmind apart from other pet stores is its focus on holistic and all-natural products. Trac is committed to providing pet owners with top-quality, healthy options for their furry companions. The store’s offerings include all-natural and nutritious pet food, free from harmful chemicals and fillers. Customers can expect to find premium brands known for their high meat content, catering to those who prioritize their pets’ well-being.

Beyond offering exceptional products, petNmind aims to create an immersive and interactive experience for customers. Trac has gone the extra mile to ensure that the store appeals to both pets and their owners. The store features a treat bakery section, where freshly baked goodies will entice pets with their delectable aromas.

Trac’s store also includes a modeling runway stage and media wall, providing an opportunity for animals to strut their stuff and be photographed on the catwalk. The store’s interactive chalkboards outside allow visitors to leave comments or doodles as well, encouraging engagement and participation.

“We want people to get involved when they come in,” explained Trac. “Not just to get a dog wash or grab a treat, but to get these people walking by to come in and interact with me and the rest of the employees in the store. We want to create a worthwhile experience for them.”

Trac’s dedication to animal welfare extends to her desire to incorporate pet adoptions within the store. While many established franchises hesitated to embrace this idea, Trac found a kindred spirit in Archie, who shares her belief in helping animals. Monrovia’s petNmind is welcoming pet adoptions and aims to foster a community that not only provides exceptional products but also advocates for the well-being and happiness of pets.

That motivation is also why Trac will be collaborating with other black-owned businesses that are seeking to keep pets healthy. Along with the several benefits customers have while shopping at petNmind, Trac is also partnering with Dr. Gregory A. Hardy, the main doctor at the Best Friends Pet Hospital located on Foothill Boulevard. She intends to send customers that adopted one of their pets to the Best Friends Pet Hospital in order to complete any vaccines the pet may still need, all at a discounted rate.

“It’s one of those things that if they’re walking into this store, they love their dogs, or they love their cats because they understand nutrition,” said Trac. “They understand what it means to keep their pet healthy. However, if you don’t really know exactly what that takes, come on in and we’ll explain to you why these are better products and why they’re probably better than what you are getting at the supermarket.”

As a dog-friendly neighborhood, Monrovia attracts many pet owners who are passionate about their pets’ health and nutrition, and petNmind fills a crucial gap in the market by offering specialized products that are often difficult to find elsewhere. Trac’s store will provide convenience for local pet owners, who will no longer need to rely solely on online purchases to meet their pets’ dietary needs.

Trac’s decision to embark on this venture stems from her love for animals and her desire to escape the confines of corporate America. With a background in business management and previous experiences turning around existing businesses, Trac felt ready to build a business from the ground up. The pet industry resonated with her passion, and she was determined to create a store that aligned with her values and allowed her to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners.

This upcoming petNmind store, which is operating under Trac’s LLC called petsRmine, is poised to become a hub for pet lovers in Monrovia and the San Gabriel Valley. By providing high-quality, all-natural pet products and fostering an engaging and interactive environment, Trac’s store promises to be a haven for pet owners seeking the very best for their cherished companions.

The store will host its grand opening this upcoming Friday on July 7, located at 218 S. Myrtle Ave.

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