fbpx Bradbury council to consider higher walls bordering Monrovia
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Bradbury council to consider higher walls bordering Monrovia

by Joe Taglieri
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The Bradbury City Council has scheduled a public hearing for Tuesday to receive feedback on a proposed increase in height limits for residential walls and fences.

Bradbury’s proposed Ordinance No. 391 seeks to allow a maximum height of 8 feet for fencing and walls along property lines that border Monrovia. The current height limit is 6 feet.

Affected properties include rear yards on the south side of Gardi Street, perimeter areas that abut Bradbury Road and Wildrose Avenue and “perimeter areas in the A-5 Zone, any portion of which abuts property in the City of Monrovia,” according to the ordinance.

“These areas are along the Sawpit Wash, at the Bradoaks Avenue cul-de-sac adjacent to Sawpit Wash, Norumbega Drive at 157 and 158 Sawpit Lane, and the properties on the south side of Gardi Street,” according to the proposed law.

Following a recommendation by the Bradbury Planning Commission to increase the height limits, a report to the Bradbury council by City Manager Kevin Kearney and City Planner Jim Kasama concluded that “Ordinance No. 391 affects minor land use features without changing any density, intensity, or allowed uses. The (increased height limits) will not have effects on the environment.”

Monrovia City Manager Dylan Feik encouraged local residents, stakeholders and anyone else interested to present their views at the upcoming public hearing.

“Property owners in Monrovia who live adjacent to Bradbury may be impacted by taller walls/fencing,” Feik said in an email to Monrovia Weekly. “There are a large number of property owners along the eastern border of Monrovia that live adjacent to Bradbury.”

Ordinance No. 391 also updates the code to reflect LED lighting as the current standard equipment for outdoor sports courts and get rid of wattage limits, noting “the crucial aspect of the court lighting regulations is that the lights be shielded to shine down onto the courts and that a limit on wattage is not necessary,” according to the staff report.

The council meeting is set for 7 p.m. Tuesday at Bradbury City Hall, 600 Winston Ave.

Prior to the council meeting, the public may review documents that pertain to the proposed ordinance from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at City Hall. The proposed ordinance and city staff reports are also available on Bradbury’s website, and community members can also direct questions about the project to Bradbury city staff at 626-358-3128 or by email, cityhall@cityofbradbury.org.

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