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4 Life Lessons Learned from Kris Kidd’s Latest Book, ‘Down for Whatever’

ben cope

(Photo: Ben Cope)

When we spoke with Kris Kidd last year, he was knee deep in promoting his newly released book of introspective essays, I Can’t Feel My Face. With another conversation igniting body of work under his belt, the 22-year-old Boy Wonder is back again with his latest writing endeavor, Down for Whatever.

On the topic of growing the fuck up, Kidd has no shortage of comments to share; his repertoire of rants, essays, poems and prose on the topic is endless. Acting somewhat as a Poet Laureate for the digital era, the LA native is quick and consistent with his universally shared thoughts on love, loss and maneuvering through it all. So, with an advanced copy in hand, we break down 4 life lessons — mantras if you will —  offered up in Kris Kidd’s forthcoming release, Down for Whatever.

jordan millington

(Photo: Jordan Millington)

1. You’re a complex being. Be as sloppy as you will, but never forget to be a purposeful human sponge. 

Kidd’s writing is notoriously self-centered, sordid, salacious, and a list of other sibilant words worth looking up. In any case, throughout his writing, you really do feel like you’re dealing with someone scarily self-aware—a human sponge, very much willing and able to do the anthropological research necessary to document life’s ugly truths. Kidd’s writing reigns true to the idea that if you’re going to go through crazy shit regardless, might as well come out with a story and an enlightened perspective.

“Coming to

in the bathrooms of airplanes,

in the hands of losers.

In crowded hotel lobbies

at the center of the city,

my concerns are lessons learned.”

(This is How We Learn, Down for Whatever )

ben cope 2

(Photo: Ben Cope)

2. Life is full of contradictions. 

The problem with being self-aware is that you are capable of grasping every angle of an issue. When life’s mantras disintegrate around you and do no justice, it’s likely high time to realize the fluidity and inconsistencies of life and just vibe with them. The option of “Accepting Duality” sounds like something Kidd’s therapist may have run by him at some point, but it looks like the self-acclaimed Neon Nightmare has been rightfully running with it ever-since.

“I tower over downtown,

I stumble in the sunset.

I’ve got one foot in the ocean,

one in the ghetto,

and they’re both wet.

(On Glad Bags & Vyvanse, Down for Whatever)

cameron mccool

(Photo: Cameron Mccool)

3. You’re better off embracing your past instead of hiding from it. Own that shit.

Had a few rough years in high school? Samsies. Oh memories. . . what can we really do with them other than utilize the good and learn where to channel the “bad.” It all very much happened. Bring what you have to the table and sort it.

“Your past does not leave you when you choose to leave it.”

(On Getting Better and All That , Down for Whatever)

lauren withrow

(Photo: Lauren Withrow)

4. Know when you’ve outgrown your crutches, and let them go; you may walk more gracefully alone than expected.

Or you may do this. Either way, the point is to look your safety blankets in their beady little eyes, and question what they’re there for— what purpose they serve. You know, *clears throat* whether that person you picked up at that bar in the Arts District is really offering you this awesome opportune moment you’re emotionally capable of delving into, or an impending long-term distraction to further ignore imperative self-maintenance. Just saying.

“For so long,

I have based my ability to sleep at night on the warmth and pressure of a person

beside me, on top of me, or under me.”

(Midnight, White Oceans, Down for Whatever)

brian lichtenberg

(Photo: Brian Lichtenberg)

Kris Kidd’s latest book Down for Whatever will be available June 2016 through The Altar Collective. 

See more from the Kidd at www.kriskidd.tumblr.com

Instagram – @KrisKidd

Twitter – @KrisKidd


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