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Cute and Affordable Glasses for Blue Light Protection

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blue light glasses
Photo by K8 on Unsplash

Although the pandemic was the best time to catch up on favorite movies, series or books, have you thought of the harm caused by excessive screen time? Blue light emanated from digital screens can tire your eyes, cause redness, decrease attention and worsen mood. Thus, you can use protection glasses to increase focus, work smarter, improve sleep-wake patterns and restore health.

Zenni Optical range of blue light blocking lenses called Blockz provide relief from eye strain, headache, insomnia and ensure sleep wellness. You can use Zenni Optical coupons to order affordable stylish blue light blocking protection glasses, benefit from online deals or order daily eyewear from $6.96.

Made with specially crafted lenses that filter or block blue light emitted from digital screens, protection glasses also help to protect eyes from potential retinal damage caused by prolonged blue light exposure. Brands like Zenni Optical, Felix Gray, GlassesUSA.com, EyeBuyDirect, Cyxus, The Book Club etc. can be used to order any of the following cute and affordable glasses for blue light protection:

1. Blue light blocking computer glasses

The orange lens absorbs 98% blue light from screens whereas the adjustability feature can be used to tilt glasses and give you the best fit. Checkout the new users sign-up deal at Zenni Optical to redeem 10% discount.

In addition to eliminating eye strain, the glasses help you to get quality sleep at night. Featured in several styles, these glasses look stylish, are lightweight and durable. Order any eyeglass, lens and frame from EyeBuyDirect to claim 70% discount.

2. Lightweight durable glasses

A perfect introduction to blue light protection, these lightweight durable glasses made with plastic frames and anti-reflective lenses are appropriate for virtual conference calls. Order 3 Felix Gray pairs to redeem 15% off or get 10% off with every order.

The filter technology helps to eliminate 50% blue light, reduces eye strain, and provides relief from dry or itchy symptoms. The glasses are also flexible and look stylish. Shop premium Zenni sunglasses starting at $25.95.

3. Wire framed glasses

If you prefer thin lightweight glasses, try wire frame made of stainless steel and cellulose acetate that are strong, corrosion-resistant and shield eyes from harmful sun rays. Student and military veterans can unlock EyeBuyDirect 20% discount and avail free shipping on all online purchases.

To achieve a more classic retro or fashionable look, try frames made with sturdy plastic that will not break accidentally and create a statement look. Order Zenni optical ‘new arrivals’ in aviator, oval, rectangle and other styles available under $46 or buy retro collection $6.95 onwards.

4. Gaming glasses

In addition to blocking blue light, gamers can also be protected from ultraviolet radiations and reduce eye strain using these glasses. Order Zenni browline, rectangular, sports, cat-eye gaming glasses under $55.

The lens filters do not change the screen color, are available in half or full rim, clip-on form, so now you can play effortlessly and win all games like a pro! You can shop for Cyxus gaming glasses and claim $15 off on first order or use promo code to get 35% off.

5. Blue light glasses with magnification

If you are looking for prescription glasses with different magnification strengths, try glasses available in a variety of sizes and colors to find a pair that suits your style. Order universal fit, bifocal Zenni glasses from $6.95 and progressive glasses under $45.95.

You can also opt for a safe, sturdy, effective and handy clip-on pair that can fit over regular glasses so that you don’t have to switch from prescription lenses. Order prescription glasses from GlassesUSA.com to redeem 70% discount.

6. Day/night time glasses

A stylish pair of daily glasses are comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day, can block 90% harmful light and reduce detrimental screen exposure effects. Zenni Optical daily deals offer products from $6.96 onwards.

Amber-tinted dark glasses prevent eyes from tiring too soon, thereby reducing headache (specifically migraine) and ensure you sleep peacefully at night. Use Felix Gray coupon and promo codes to claim 20% – 30% discount.

7. Reading glasses

If you are an avid reader, use blue light blocking glasses with 1x to 3x magnification strengths that absorb 40% harmful rays emitted from laptop, tablet or Kindle devices. Shop for stylish Zenni glasses in gray tint, geometric, tortoise shell glasses styles $19.

The seven-layer anti-reflective coating (without colored filters) minimizes screen glare, without distorting screen color helps you see clearly and can be worn for daily office work. Get stylish designer reading glasses from The Book Club and apply promo code to redeem 20% discount.

8. Natural textured glasses

Lightweight glasses that fit comfortably without pinching or squeezing the head are anti-reflective and scratch resistant. Order GlassesUSA.com multifocal lenses to redeem $25 off or claim $50 off on orders over $199. You can also order trendy glasses at ‘The Book Club from $40.

Enhance your bold personality with carefree, trend-inspired glasses that come in vibrant colors like tortoise, navy blue, crystal etc. Order aviator, cat-eye, oval, brow line and other styled Zenni neutral glasses below $40 or claim $20 off on 2 Cyxus eyewear.

9. Sleep improving eye-density glasses

If you suffer from prolonged headache and sleeplessness, try glasses specifically designed to filter harmful wavelengths. First responders, military veterans, students and teachers can redeem 10% Zenni Optical discount.

The form-fitting style provides comfort and makes these glasses appropriate for day-long usage, improving your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep cycle, thereby ensuring you wake up and function normally. Purchase ‘The Book Club’ glasses from $15 or place orders worth $50 to claim free shipping.

10. Glasses designed for kids

With increased exposure to social media, remote learning and online assignments, kids need to be protected from blue light exposure. Shop Zenni boho, artsy, classic, edgy style glasses from $15 and kids’ collection including aviator, square bends, cat-eye frames from $6.95 onwards.

Get cute adorable lenses in fun colors and form-fitting design with UVA and UVB protection, anti-reflective surface, anti-scratch coating and benefit from Cyxus BOGO deal offering 50% discount on kids’ eyewear.

Additionally, sit away from your screen, take frequent breaks, lubricate your eyes with drops to reduce screen time and improve your sleep. You can order eyewear for blue light protection at affordable rates from online retailers and use coupons, promotional codes, discount vouchers, online deals to claim maximum savings and perks like virtual try-on available with online purchases.

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