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Spring Cleaning: Winter Clothes for Spring Fashion

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Although the winter is still here and if you would go out in a light, the floral dress you would probably freeze, it seems that fashion houses think that spring has already arrived. Everywhere you look there are cute skirts, colorful tops and fabulous accessories you cannot wait to wear. Not to worry, with some clever tips you can easily incorporate those pieces into your winter wardrobe and survive the rest of the winter looking your absolute best. In addition, mixing and matching old clothing items with your new ones can save you a ton of money, if you play your cards right. So, without further ado, here are the top six ways you can transition your winter clothing into spring.

Over-the-knee boots FTW

You probably have a favorite pair of the over-the-knee boots you enjoy to wear. Well, the good news is that you still don’t have to pack them up. In fact, pair them with a chiffon mini dress and a jacket and you will stay warm while looking absolutely adorable. If you are worried that you might be a little chilly, put on a pair of nude tights that will keep your legs toasty.


Layering is your best friend

Just by layering different pieces of clothing you can come up with an outfit that doesn’t just look great and stylish but is also extremely practical. If you are warm you take something off, and if you are cold you add something to your combo. It is that simple! During this time of the year combining a soft chiffon dress (or a maxi skirt) with a cozy, chunky sweater can be a great option. You have probably spent all winter in these sweaters, but they shouldn’t end up in the ‘next winter’ pile just yet. With a maxi skirt or a dress they make a perfect transitional outfit, just do not forget to accessorize. A shiny piece of jewelry can really elevate your outfit, so get a statement necklace or check out these rings.

Leave your boyfriend blazer in the closet

Boyfriend blazers are extremely flattering and with some clever mixing and matching, you can wear them all year round. Instead of buying a lightweight jacket from the new collection, save some money and use your old blazer to come up with new stylish outfits. Wear it over a bright graphic t-shirt and pair it with a cute skirt for a thrown together and chic look.


Mix culottes with ankle boots

You might never figure out whether this item belongs in the pants or shorts pile, but one thing is for sure, it makes a perfect transitional piece. You can opt for a leather or velvet culottes and keep your legs warm while letting your ankles breathe a little.

An old school trench coat never goes out of style

Whether it is spring or fall, a trench coat can always spice up your outfit and help you look your best while staying warm. During this season don’t be afraid to throw it on over a flirty dress and you will be ready for a date night or a coffee with your friends.

Photo Courtesy of Godisable Jacob.

Mix and match different fabrics

To pull off a chic look don’t be afraid to pair different materials. For example, you can mix a heavier fabric with chiffon, poplin or suede, or a lightweight skirt with denim. Check out what you already have in your closet and see what new combinations you can come up with.

With these simple tricks, you can easily transition your winter clothing into spring and welcome a new season looking like a fashion queen.

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