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A Q & A with LA’s Nashville-Newcomer Cale Tyson

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Photo by Kelly Amber Garcia.

This Sunday, December 22nd Hollywood’s Gold-Diggers and Baby Collective are treating Los Angeles to a holiday buffet of talent, with the likes of singer-songwriter Rainee Blake, sultry duo Superbloom, and Cale Tyson. We got to know a little more about the 28-year-old Tyson, who only moved to Los Angeles in March of this year and has been quickly getting in on the scene.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas Tyson then went to Nashville to develop his musical identity, a nostalgic blend of southern upbringings and urban awakenings, the kind of music bonded over with an old friend, the soundtrack to adolescent growing pains, an appropriate anecdote for a somber winter. The kind of music that sits real pretty amidst the stale holiday music that floats around this time of year.

And no surprise, Cale Tyson is about as honest and real in life as in song. Now working on a full-length album and gearing up for 2020, he took some time to answer a couple of questions ahead of his next and final show before this decade wraps.

LA CANVAS: Hey Cale! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us before your show this Sunday! How are you feeling about it?

CALE TYSON: I feel good about it.

LAC: What set up do you usually prefer when you perform live?

CT: I love playing with a band when I can afford to (or bribe my dudes), but solo is always a unique way to connect with the audience. It allows me to be more intimate and personal with the people watching and listening. I’ll be playing solo this weekend.


LAC: You moved here from Nashville, how have you enjoyed Los Angeles so far? How is it different from the south?

CT: I love it. Nashville got really small to me after 9 years of living there. Los Angeles feels fresh and alive. The food is better, the people work harder, the weather rules. I might still be in my honeymoon phase though. We’ll see.

LAC: What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not working on your music?

CT: I like seeing movies alone, hiking, spilling my guts to total strangers at bars, etc. All usual things. 


LAC: Who are some of your inspirations in your music? And who have you been listening to lately?

CT: Hm… My inspirations are kind of all over the place, but lately I’ve been back in a big Bob Dylan kick. I’m revisiting Blood on the Tracks and it’s killing me in the best way. 

LAC: What are you looking forward to most as we enter the new decade? Any big dreams for 2020 and/or the next ten years?

CT: I just started making a new full-length record and if it doesn’t come out in 2020, I’m going to cry.

Check out Cale Tyson along with Rainee Blake and Superbloom and shake off your holiday stress one last time Sunday night at Gold-Diggers. The show is free and starts at 8 PM with good sounds, drinks, and gathering. What a nostalgic way to end the decade indeed.


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