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​​Building a New Email Subscriber List from Nothing

It’s no secret that in the marketing world, email is king. Email marketing campaigns are an efficient method for broadening brand awareness and distributing promotional content. Whether you are a new start-up business or a seasoned entrepreneur, building a new email subscriber list is an important marketing tool for your brand. Email marketing works to effectively share the latest news and deals from your brand with individuals who have expressed interest. Getting people to subscribe to an email list may feel like a daunting task if you are starting from scratch. However, these tips and tricks will help you get more subscribers and create a virtual audience to share your latest business news. 

Incentivize the Sign-Up

In short, your customer needs a good reason to surrender their email address. Whether you send a new email campaign once a week or once a month, subscribers need to see the benefits of receiving your content in their inbox. Generate content worth sharing and then leverage email subscribers in exchange for said product. Whatever your specialty, utilize your field knowledge and expertise to develop practical tools for your clientele. Launching a six-part email campaign series with various training videos or blogs is an excellent method to keep your subscribers hooked. Consider creating an eBook or worksheet and gift it to every new email subscriber. 

Use Social Media 

If you are thinking of launching your email marketing campaign, you likely already have active social profiles online. Use your virtual influence as a means to spread awareness of your email subscriber list. Start with encouraging your current followers to submit their email addresses for the latest news and promotions from your brand. Additionally, add a sign-up button on your Facebook page and swipe up links on your social profiles. 

Create Unique Content 

Your email campaign content should be fresh and concise. The average human’s attention span is under eight seconds, which means the window of time spent skimming an email is quite limited. As you develop your email newsletter layout, utilize vibrant graphics and concise text to generate the most engagement. If you write blogs or articles for your brand (you should), include the highlights in various email sends and link to the original content. Make sure that your content is on par with your brand manual and logos to maintain consistency across marketing channels. 

Offer Irresistible Promotions

Make the email subscription worth it for your customers by creating delicious discounts, and often. Whether it is for a holiday, birthday, or just because, consumers love a good deal. Consistently make it a point to distribute savings to your subscribers’ inboxes to motivate a purchase. Remind them that these promotional codes are available for a limited time and only offered to those on your mailing list. Set up pop-up links on your business website to prompt signing up for your mailing list in exchange for a promotional code.

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