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Home / Videos / Kanye Unhinged and Tom Holland Unmasked: Deja News Mar 18

Kanye Unhinged and Tom Holland Unmasked: Deja News Mar 18

by Mike Ciriaco
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Hey SoCal! This past week, an unhinged narcissistic waged a senseless war. Oh no wait, not this unhinged narcissist:

This unhinged narcissist:

TMZ better take Kim and Pete to a safe house while Mike Ciriaco brings it back to your brain with this week’s Deja News.

Mountain Lion spotted in Silver Lake Park

The famous Griffith Park mountain lion, known as P-22, has been exploring some new neighborhoods lately, the National Park Service confirmed Thursday.

There were reports of the mountain lion seen in Silver Lake on Tuesday night, the farthest south the 12-year-old animal has ventured. The National Park Service, which has been tracking P-22 for 10 years, said the mountain lion passed through that area on Tuesday night.

NPS Santa Monica Public Affairs Officer Ana Beatriz Cholo told KTLA the mountain lion was in the area around 7 p.m. and several people took photos of the big cat.

LA sued Monsanto for contaminating its waterways

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer Monday announced a lawsuit accusing the agricultural, chemical and biotechnology company Monsanto of polluting the city’s waterways with a carcinogen it allegedly knew would cause long-lasting contamination.

The lawsuit was filed Friday against three companies that Monsanto spun off into acquisitions and consolidations in the 1990s — Monsanto Co., now owned by Bayer; Solutia Inc., now owned by Eastman Chemical Co.; and Pharmacia, now owned by Pfizer.

Parents protested school mask mandates

A group of parents upset about the continuing indoor mask-wearing mandate at Los Angeles Unified School District campuses rallied outside the teachers’ union headquarters Tuesday, demanding an end to the COVID-19 requirement that has already been lifted at most other schools statewide.

Chanting and holding signs with slogans such as “Stop child abuse,” “My kid my choice” and “Take masks off now,” the parents cast blame on United Teachers Los Angeles for forcing the district to continue requiring masks indoors. The union’s labor contract for this semester requires COVID safety measures, including masks, and lifting the requirement is subject to union negotiations.

Mike Ciriaco will be bringing back to your brain next Friday with another Deja News. And for weekend social suggestions, hit up our Hey SoCalendar. Until then, stay Spectacular, SoCal!

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