fbpx Cassidy Hutchinson gabs and Trump grabs
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Home / Deja News / Cassidy Hutchinson gabs and Trump grabs

Cassidy Hutchinson gabs and Trump grabs

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Hey Socal! This week, Cassidy Hutchinson spilled the tea, and some ketchup. According to her testimony, on Jan 6th, when Trump’s head of security wouldn’t let him join the insurrectionists at the Capitol, Trump tried to grab him by the throat. Even worse, he was trying to grab ‘em by the pussy.

And for more news you may have missed, Mike Ciriaco is bringing it back to your brain with this week’s Deja News.

Activists claimed it’s too hot for horse rides at Griffith Park.

With temperatures expected to soar into the 90s Sunday, animal rights activists are planning a protest at the Griffith Park Pony Rides & Petting Zoo, insisting that forcing horses to carry customers in such heat amounts to animal cruelty. Los Angeles Alliance for Animals plans a demonstration at the park at noon to demand that the city of Los Angeles cancel the contract of the concessionaire.

Los Angeles increased wages for hotel workers.

The Los Angeles City Council gave final approval Tuesday to an ordinance requiring hotels to provide workers with personal-security devices to protect them from violent or threatening guests, while also extending minimum wage requirements to smaller hotels. The measure, which came to the council thanks to a petition drive that collected more than 100,000 signatures, was approved on a 10-2 vote, with Councilmen Paul Krekorian and John Lee dissenting.

An abortion rights protester attacked a police officer with a spray paint flamethrower.

A man who allegedly fashioned a makeshift flamethrower out of a spray-paint can and lighter and hurled it at a police officer in downtown Los Angeles during a march for abortion rights was charged Tuesday with two felony assault counts. Michael Joseph Ortiz, 30, was charged with one count each of assault with intent to commit mayhem and assault upon a peace officer or firefighter, along with allegations that he personally used a deadly weapon and that he had two prior convictions in 2016 for resisting an executive officer.

Mike Ciriaco will be bringing it back to your brain next week with another Deja News. Until then, stay chill, SoCal!

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