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21 Questions: Music Duo Benoit & Sergio

BenoitAndSergio_RossLaurence4We have a handsome duo we’ve manned with 21 feverish questions: music producers who twist out dance songs that sound more like sultry editorial narratives set against sensuous electronic pop music, Benoit & Sergio. (Like right now, we’re listening to their “Shake Shake”  track and it’s describing our Friday very eloquently).

Among the sea of house and techno players, Benoit & Sergio keep their constant interlude nice and tight and out of the foreseen norm in music. The duo’s refreshing and unique sound has an influence that takes rooted note from true masterminds like The Talking Heads, Roxy Music, Pavement and Villalobos, meshing together melodramatic tales that leave us with a case of wanderlust, dreaming of our future ex yacht on The French Riviera, and getting our heels way on.

In short, SEXY AF.


On backstory and inspiration: the French/US duo met at an after party in Berlin, connected, and combined their rich synth work and pop influenced lyrical magic—impressive songwriting included—and got released on labels like Hot Creations, Culprit, Spectral Sound and other notables. Among critical acclaim ranging from Best Indie Dance / Underground DJ’ category at the 30th Annual Winter Music Conference (2015), to Vibe Magazine’s Top Duos (2013) and Billboard’s 50 game-changing tracks for their insane remix of Hot Natured’s Reverse Skydiving (2013), the duo also tours extensively: with amp’d sets at Dirtybird Campout 2015 to headlining Transmit DTLA at LA Center Studios on Saturday, October 10th, they also spend time in their Berlin studio prepping forthcoming EPs for Leftroom and Soul Clap Records. And other fine items that we got the skinny on:

LA CANVAS: So, what’s up?

Benoit & Sergio: We are in town for Transmit Festival on Saturday and we just played the DIRTYBIRD Campout last Sunday which was fantastic–a California version of Bar 25 in Berlin. We are also waiting for a couple EPs to be released in the next month: “House With 500 Rooms” on Leftroom and “Old Streets” on Soul Clap Records. We are really happy to put these out with old friends who have supported from the beginning.

LA CANVAS: Favorite artist right now?
B&S: Clarian of Montreal. Melancholic pop hooks for days.

LAC: Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?
B&S: Vin Scully. Brian Eno. Rebecca Dayan. and Charlotte Rampling.

LAC: Rock, paper, or scissors?
B&S: Paper, so we could write down ideas for soundtracks for ideas about movies.

LAC: If we gave you $50, what would you buy?
B&S: 1/4 of a ticket to see the Dodgers opening playoff game.

LAC: Blue or black ink?
B&S: Blue. Black seems so grim.

LAC: Meals or snacks?
B&S: Meals.

LAC: What was the first thing you said aloud this morning?
B&S: I need to get some breakfast–do you know of any place good around here? I hate eggs though.

LAC: Where do you hang out in LA?
B&S: Usually only here for shows, so hotels. But checking out Venice this time around. Is that in LA?

*Sort of.


LAC: Who would you commission to produce your record?
B&S: Brian Eno circa 1979.

LAC: Do anything last night?
B&S: Passed out, fully clothed. Long weekend.

LAC: How late did you stay up?
B&S: 745 pm.

LAC: Are you listening to music right now? What track?
B&S: “Sure Not Over You” by Dinosaur Jr.

LAC: Any Tattoos?
B&S: Thankfully, no. Too indecisive for that kind of move.

LAC: Your dream music collaboration?
B&S: See Fantasy Dinner Party: Vin Scully on drums; Eno and Benoit on synths; Rampling and Sergio on guitars; Rebecca Dayan on Bass. No vocals.

LA CANVAS: Last 3 google searches?
B&S: Deadspin, Michael Jackson milk, Milk plus.

LA CANVAS: If life could resemble any record…
B&S: “Endless Summer” by Fennesz.

LA CANVAS: If life could resemble any remix…
B&S: The “Ignition” Remix by R Kelly.

LA CANVAS: Horoscopes. Yay or Nay?
B&S: Nay.

LA CANVAS: What are you doing later?
B&S: Going to a spa in Koreatown with friend to loosen up lower back and discuss new bands.

LA CANVAS: Can we come?
B&S: Maybe you can meet up with us afterward to see “The Martian.”

See what the guys are up to on Twitter.

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