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The Remix: Q+A with Sean Barron + Jamie Mazur of Re/Done

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The fashion world has taken a close interest in Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, the founders behind LA label Re/Done (formerly Re/Dun), since the brand’s launch just one year ago. In their relevantly short tenure on the scene, Re/Done appears to have found the Golden Snitch: the formula behind the perfect pair of jeans. No elaborate dying process or high-tech Japanese denim here: instead, Re/Done celebrates the ultimate heritage brand, Levis, by reworking vintage pairs into relevant, contemporary cuts. And with some pretty impressive It Girl cosigns from the likes of Bella Hadid, Erin Wasson, and Alessandra Ambrosio, combined with nods from respected glossies like Vogue,Elle, and WWD, it looks as though their already ample wait list is about it get even longer.

For a cool $300 and under (and a bit of a wait), you can bid adieu to irregular waists, crotch bulges, and baggy legs—without having to sacrifice the coveted, worn-in 501 fabric. After a year of trial and error, Sean and Jamie have honed in on a fluid process involving equal parts careful sourcing and precise tailoring. The result? Remarkably consistent quality, made all the more impressive by the line’s swiftly growing customer base.

redone_lacanvasBuying a pair online is a bespoke experience where the shopper is able to curate, distress levels, wash, and shape (straight skinny, high rise, shorts, flare, relaxed straight) to avoid the contrived homogeny of mass-produced denim. The most revolutionary part, though, is how Re/Done has found a way to replicate its signature formula on a large scale. With a national presence at Barney’s New York in addition to a battery of upscale boutiques internationally, the innovative brand has managed to position itself well ahead of its comparatively provincial competition.

If you’re like us, you might still be curious as to the specific alchemy behind their process. And while a visit to Re/Done’s headquarters prompted as many questions as it answered (the sea of incremental shades of blue was truly astonishing), we still gleaned some insider info as we caught up with the designers.


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LA CANVAS: Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the industry?

SEAN BARRON: I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 20 years and have launched previous companies such as Katayone Adeli, and Joie. Jamie is a total denim enthusiast and previously had a company called Underground Denim: a mobile sample sale business that targeted college campuses.

LAC: How did the concept of RE/DONE come about? What is it about the Levi’s brand that’s so iconic to you?

SB: Levi’s are one of the truly great heritage brands in America—and they are known for the most iconic garment in American fashion. I don’t know how anyone could say Levi’s isn’t an iconic brand. Vintage Levi’s makes up its own category of collectables. They are known for the most beautiful wear patterns: wear patterns that contemporary denim brands try to emulate through the use of harsh chemical washes, but not the most flattering contemporary fit. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a modern, consistently fitted vintage Levi’s? Wouldn’t that be the perfect jean?”

LAC: Where are you sourcing the original jeans?

SB: We source our jeans from rag houses all across the country. Exactly where is a proprietary secret.

LAC: Can you tell us a little bit about the process? How are the jeans reconstructed? How are you able to do this on a mass scale?

SB: The process is our secret sauce. We start by sorting through each pair individually when they come to our warehouse, and then selecting the most beautiful, interesting pieces to redo. From there, the jeans go to be washed, after which they are taken apart. We then sew them back together. After that, they are washed again and then they are ready to go. It took us about a year to develop and perfect the process. Initially, people told us it would be impossible to scale, but we seem to have found our rhythm.

redone_lacanvasLAC: Do you have plans to expand out of just Women’s denim? Will you ever explore Men’s?

SB: Yes, we are planning to launch our men’s collection in the late summer/early fall of this year.

LAC: What are some other brands you find iconic?

SB: We obviously look to vintage clothing for much of our inspiration. One of our favorites is Saint Laurent (past and present).

LAC: Can you see yourself doing current collaborations, or will you stick to vintage?

SB: We see one of our core purposes as a movement to make heritage brands relevant. We have some very interesting collaborations in the works within that vein.

LAC: How long are your wait lists typically?

SB: Very long—and always growing.

*Well, shit. Sign us up.



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