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The holidays give some the warm fuzzies, and others perennial anxiety– at least for the latter group, the goddess (and Mr. Gore) gave us online shopping.  So before you adjust the backlight on your screen in the name of commercial nostalgia, why not take a peek at our CliffsNotes?



1. Around the World in 80 Raves: A Guide to Best Parties & Festivals on the Planet
PRICE: $14.95 (via Urban Outfitters)
For those veteran EDC attendees, maybe it’s time they take their raver experience to new horizons. Place this book into the hands of the right kandi-toting, shufflin’ EDM-aficionado straight out of UC Irvine, and you will never see them ever again.

2. Amoeba gift cards
PRICE: Depends… how much does this person actually deserve?
Normally we’d point you to gift cards only if it’s the last absolute last resort, but truthfully, any pretentious musician will go ga-ga over some records from Amoeba. So throw a bone, or a vinyl or two, to your favorite crate-digger.

3. LSTN headphones
PRICE: Troubadours – $150 | Fillmores – $100 | Bowerys – $50
No matter your giftee’s degree of pretension, LSTN headphones has you covered. Whether they like over-ears or earbuds, all LSTN headphones are eco-friendly, handcrafted from reclaimed wood and sound fantastic.

4. Sharetapes 
PRICE: $6.99 – pack of 5 — $240 – 250 customized tapes
For all the lovers and hopeless romantics out there. Sharetapes give you the cuteness of a mixtape, but the practicality of credit-card size. This holiday season tell that special someone how you feel with a customizable playlist on the go.

5. Marshall Stanmore Speaker
PRICE: $400
Do you have a friend who wishes they had a reason to impress people by an array of amps, but are not blessed with the ability to actually play an instrument? Well, this is the gift for them. When they don’t have their intricately thought out playlist  blasting from the speaker, it will double as an amp look-a-like to impress the masses – or that cute neighbor upstairs.




1. Whiskey Cube Set
PRICE: $24.95 (via Urban Outfitters)
Watered down whiskey is for pansies. With this stone cube set you can now wean out those folk who have not established the taste for liquor. They can go back to their sugary drinks, while you look refined drinking in your study with this set – I mean, while the gift receiver looks great and dignified with these in their drink.

2. Assouline: Vintage Cocktails Book 
PRICE: $50 (via The Bazaar at SLS Hotel)
Nights in with friends are going to be more entertaining, and more prone to blackouts with this book at hand…you’re welcome.

3. Domaine LA
PRICE: $85-$150
Wine is a pretty fun gift to give. Why? Because it can be shared. So head to Domaine LA for their superb selection in small-time, family-run wine producers from Europe and the United States. And who knows, maybe owner Jill Bernheimer will let you sample two or three. Or four. We’re aiming for four.

4. Beer Making Kit
PRICE: $40
So, giving this gift can either have rewarding results or end in disaster. Fortunately, the Brooklyn Brew Shop makes home-brewing easy with their kits, and provides a wide variety of hoppy-goodness to fit your giftee’s (or your own) beer preference.

5. Gin & Luck Rucksack
PRICE: $99.99 at Cocktail Kingdom
Why didn’t we have this in college? That’s all we have to say.



1. Altru Apparel Glyph Button-Up
PRICE: $88
Are you finally sick of your male counterparts wearing boring button-ups (or grungy plaid) and thinking they look cool, or “ironic”? Altru Apparel gives the guy a classic, lightweight fit with an eye-catching print. Now it is safe to be seen in public with them.

2. See You Monday Leggings
PRICE: $7.95 – $23 (via KarmaLoop)
For the friend/sister/mom with some sass. These leggings add a pop to whatever your giftee decides to throw on – even that oversized t-shirt they rolled out of bed in.

3. Globe Mahalo (Navy/Plaid)
PRICE: $69.95
While you may not have worn Globe sneakers since 2005, when the puffy skate shoes were all the rage, you have been missing out. They are partaking in the minimalistic, clean look and are doing it really well. Pre-order the Mahalo’s and put their other sneakers to shame.

4. Paisley Sockwear
PRICE: $15
Grown man shoes need grown man socks … but you can’t go wrong with a little whimsicality either. 

5. TOPMAN x SIBLING/TOPMAN Black Leather Biker Jacket
PRICE: $160 // $300
Give yourself a reason to have a “Cool Christmas Sweater Party” rather than the overrated and overdone “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.”

6. Aark Watches
PRICE: $140 – $380 (can be found at Poketo)
Minimalistic but not mundane. Aark gives you an array of colors and design to fit just about every mood, outfit, and time of day.  This unisex watch is totes next level – and très chic.



1. Voluspa Candles | Japonica Collection
PRICE: $10 – $68 (@ Anthropologie)
Nothing sets the mood like a candle – and these are some of the best.

2. Love Nail Tree Jewelry 
PRICE: $12-$38
LNT gives you old school romance with their collection of jewelry. Ranging from simple shapes to intricate clock necklaces (not like Flavor Flav, tho). So whoever you give this gift to will feel stylish and special.

3. Royal Apothic Conservatory Collection eau de parfum
PRICE: $55
Not sure how you feel, but we think nothing is better than someone who smells like a million bucks – or in this case, royalty.

4. Hopeless Lingerie (Everything)
PRICE: $35 -$280
We are not really sure where we should begin on tempting you to buy your partner AT LEAST one thing from this website, because we want you to buy everything – and send us a care package too. The Aussie designer knows how to mix minimal coverage with class, and knows the quality of handmade products. Order quick though, we are sure Santa sent over a long list of orders already.

5. Radeo’s Pretty Glam Special Underwear
PRICE: $13 – $55
Your favorite Suicide Girl now adds designer to her resume. – a designer of panties, of course. While Radeo herself is not only sexy, but a true nerd at heart, her underwear come in galaxy print,  a cute robot friend , and well, herself.

6. Diptyque Smoothing Body Polish
PRICE:  $68 (@ Nordstrom)
Diptyque is more than just candles. This smoothing body polish will make anyone more soft to the touch, and make bath-time that much more luxurious.



1. Imperial Barber Pomades
PRICE: $20 – $24 (@ No. A Boutique)
With barbershops becoming a culture of their own, we know you know someone with a fly haircut. These pomades will keep their hair in place with a variety of holds. They probably still won’t let you touch their hair, but you are one step closer because without you and your gift, they would be a mess.

2. Season’s Tweetings – Lush Gift set
PRICE: $59.95
This gift set is the one that will cause you to have a constant battle with yourself – deciding on whether you really should give it away or just keep it. Stuffed with Lush goodies like Rose Jam shower gel, celestial moisturizer and Noriko soap, it’s going to be hard to talk yourself out of thinking your sister deserves this more than you do.

3. Lime Crime Velvetines 
PRICE: $20
The best wingman — and wingwoman — are the ones that take care of you. So to keep your matchmaker streak going, you help set up your best friend for some Christmas lovin’, so you do three things: invite all your single friends over, set up the apartment with mistletoe galore and slap some Lime Crime Velvetine on her — she’s not going to keep those lips on for that much longer.

4. Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray
PRICE: $36
Once again, Oribe makes our lists. We cannot get enough of the brand and we are sure your giftee will spend more time in the mirror than they already do with any Oribe product, but our current fave is the Light Reflecting Spray. With the gloomy weather finally heading our way, who doesn’t want to shine bright?

5. Belmondo Face Kit 
PRICE: $150
Of course, in this year’s Secret Santa drawing, you got your brother’s buddy that somewhat resembles an LA-version of The Situation. Which is true, because of course, his tanning lotion is made of natural, olive-oil based products like Belmondo’s.



1. Fuji Instax Mini
PRICE: $125-$149
Pint-sized and definitely not your grandma’s Polaroid camera; perfect for the vintage-photo junkie because it’s like Instagram but for real-life.

2. ChargeCard : Slim USB Cable
PRICE: $25
After giving your friend this gift, their typical wallet check-list before a night out will turn into something like this: driver’s license, cash, credit card, condoms, gum, phone charger — okay, good to go.

3. Signal Snowboards
PRICE: $390 – $900
Winter is coming and the mountains will begin to be fueled by eager athletic individuals waiting to shred through that snow.  And like the first day of school, you need to look good your first day on the mountain. Whether you are a beginner, or an expert, Signal has what you need

4. Humble Bundle Travel Coffee Gift Set 
PRICE: $20
There’s just something about big cities and coffee. Even in 80-degree Novembers, Angelenos still require coffee for functioning, and this Humble Bundle just makes that addiction so much easier.

5. Shinola The Women’s Bixby
PRICE: $1,950
With the traffic being horrible all day, every day, what better gift to give your little LA wanderlust than a perfectly pink bicycle? Just watch out for busses.



1. Milk Bottle Measuring Cup
PRICE: $24
Since Pyrex is too hood now, and the milk man no longer travels door-to-door, using a take on the old school milk bottles as measuring cups has got to be the way to go. And plus, it’s just cuter than your standard.

2. Reclaimed wood boards
PRICE: $32
Bring a little nature into your friend’s downtown loft because there is such a thing as too much metropolis.

3. Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit
PRICE: $79.95
Psh. If 13-year-old Alexander Weiss can do it, how hard can it be? Isn’t the saying, “if you can read, you can cook?” …….. right?

4. Ladurèe Sucre Cookbook
PRICE: $30
Give your friend some Ladurèe macarons, and they’ll eat for a night. Teach them how to make Ladurèe macarons, and you can have some too.


screen shot 2013-07-25 at 33220 pm

Crooks & Castles X Monopoly Board Game Collectors Edition
PRICE: $80
Board game nights just got more street. If your homies can’t knock the hustle, then maybe you guys need to handle shit on the board at Mayfair and Park Lane.

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