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Ones To Watch: Got A Girl

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Dan “The Automator” Nakamura have embarked on an otherworldly musical collaboration. As any successful partnership unblocks itself from the blood, sweat and tears of pounding the pavement—gaining freedom while surpassing its initial ideation phase—it eventually locks in its momentum, dropping its flavorous spark to satisfy the masses. Or doubling up—teamwork—may just be a simple serendipitous action of kismet before work sessions take hold; Got A Girl.

The latter is where things got lit for Winstead and Nakamura. The actress/recording artist (Smashed, The Spectacular Now) and mega-producer Nakamura (Gorillaz, Deltron 3030) had a chance encounter while filming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, starring Winstead and featuring tons of produced tracks by Nakamura. And just like that, their minds were intertwined, leading them into the studio. With a few sessions on lock, the newly formed duo took note of firework-like vibes setting off. “It started out as just an interesting experiment,” says Winstead. And then we realized, ‘Hey, what we’re doing is really good.’ We’d recorded a dozen songs, each one coming from a different place, but there was a unifying vibe to all of them…. All of a sudden, it felt like we were doing an album.”

The common collaborative theme? Romance. “When we say ‘romance,’ we’re talking about lifestyle and attitude, in addition to relationships and mood.” They’re channeling spirits like John Keats and Chopin, serving up sentiments of an irresistible sound and with a debut album titled, I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now, Got A Girl’s innovative launch strikes the right kind of chord, paralleling themes in modern culture through their ethos while keeping in tune with a nod to 1960s French Pop.


And as of late—aside from gracing LA with a live show at Largo on Monday, September 28th—they’re floating through a collaboration with EO Products, a brand that creates essential oils from real plants with real principles. Their creative efforts with EO led to a “Dan and Mary” fragrance for their own signature Boy and Girl scent. There’s also an EO contest popping off on September 1st in conjunction with the fragrance launch, where artistic souls can gather up content to send in for a chance at some lucky winnings.

In the meantime, and before you experience Got A Girl live, ‘catch a whiff’ of one of their teaser videos, furthering their culture stroke as a duo: others reference perfume ads from the 60s with Winstead modeling and Nakamura sabering champagne, celebrating a damn good time:

*Like the duo to your Facebook trolling session to garner their latest in sultry efforts.

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