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[dropcap letter=”F”]inger bracelets, hand jewelry, hand harnesses – whatever your favorite sartorialist labels them, the hand charm is all you need to win the style game this summer.



[photo courtesy of Guru Jagat | @RamaInstitute]

We’ve all gone through the torment of buying stacks of gold bracelets come only to find that after a night of too much prancing around, they’ve all gone the way of our bobby pins – M.I.A. There’s no way these intricately woven beauties are vanishing, not even on your most adventurous of nights. Just try to steer clear of the hardcore-bro high fives.

These architectural jewels are for the more opulent style maven looking to step outside the routinely-layered bracelets & oversized watch style has been, in which – let’s face it – is far too poised for the bohemian summer you’re trying to embark on.



If no one is giving your gaudy manicure its rightful look over , strapping on a three diamond finger bracelet just might do the trick. Whether you’re pairing them with a bathing suit, dabbing the tedious work suit with a little bling or stepping out in billowy evening dress, the delicate flair these hand-cessories (woah, we just created a street term) are your next level hand toppers.

Although they inspire some serious Bollywood swirling, we aren’t claiming they will suddenly turn you into a dance floor maverick – you have vodka for that, but they just might make your the rhythmless clap-side-to-side much more enchanting.


Cleo Handpiece


Solar Handpiece  



Raquel Evil Eye Hand Chain






Rose Gold-Plated Finger Bracelet 




Summa 4 Finger Ring



Wonder Child Gold Handpiece



Le Revolution Bracelet



 The Thin Spike Handpiece




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