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As LA transitions its vehicular ways toward a more commuter driven area, slowly but surely more residents are hitting the pavement, catching the bus and riding the train. But the concrete hustle means your face and body gets exposed to far more smog and bad bus fumes. This means you gotta roll with the punches and get in on the rub-n-buff game.

Spa treatments aren’t just for bachelorette celebrations or anniversary weekends anymore. Although a few of us frequent the spa as often as we should, those trips can seem more intimidating than they really are, especially to our scruffy dive bar crowd – who coincidentally are the ones most in need of a good scrub down – or maybe we’re more into the Blind Barber cut and slick back look these days?

If you’re already thinking “spas aren’t for me” or are freaking out at even the thought of having to order a treatment – that’s spa lingo for what treatments you request – take a quick look at some of our picks of the great primping pros. These spots are so amenable and relaxing you would swear you were away on vacation, even if the monetary situation doesn’t allow for one this summer.

Remember, you can’t glow on the outside if you’re not scrubbing off all the dead skin cells on the outside. That might not be how that saying goes but you get the idea:

Perfect clean shave

The Gents Facial, Casa Del Mar

A 60 minute facial created with men in mind. Meant to reverse  some of the damage caused by shaving and stress, the Gents Facial uses techniques used by traditional barbers. Finally you can get the scalp neck, and shoulder massage your girl is always too tired to give you. We think we just solved one of your relationship dilemmas.


The Carrot and Sesame Body Buff,  Bliss at The W

Although this may sound like the base to a delicious summer salad, a body buff with the benefits of carrot and sesame is just what the body needs to feel fresh during these hot summer days. A Bliss trademark treatment, the pièce de résistance is the Vichy shower; five shower heads pouring down on you as you lay down – or as we like to call it – heaven. We’re on our way to the W, meet us in the lobby.


The Brown Sugar Massage, WI Spa

Koreatown just seems to have everything going for it these days. This sweet 70 minute experience combines the health benefits of brown sugar and other oils to exfoliate your skin. And after your sugar rub down, you can choose from a cucumber or rose mask – we suggest the rose – followed by a warm sugar water hair conditioning treatment. All in all, it’s a pretty sexy situation. Third date destination perhaps?


The Infrared Sauna, The Sweat Shop 

This spa is designed for the busy urbanite who’s schedule is too packed with concerts, craft beer festivals, pool parties and the occasional jam sessions to slow down. Come in, sweat and get going. The Sweat Shop knows your time is valuable.


The Green Tea Escape,  Le Petite Retreat

Apparently you drink the tea, yet you don’t soak in it – we should really learn to read instead of skim. But you will be able to dip yourself in lightly scented lavender water in one of Le Petitie’s Hydrotheraphy baths. Picture this: huge copper tub, aromatic oils putting you at ease, warm water diluting your stress away.

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