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Model Behavior: Q+A with Hannah Glasby

LACANVAS_HANNAHG_1Hannah Glasby describes herself as ‘5’8 with crooked teeth and stage fright’. From this description alone, not many would guess this long-limbed blonde would be found anywhere near the front end of a camera lens. However, this Australian-born style stunner is not only a working model, but has graced the pages of countless magazines, as well as worked with iconic brands like, Volcom, Nordstrom, Free People, Charlotte Russe and Forever 21, to name a few. Oh, and LA CANVAS.

Glasby’s energy is irresistibly magnetic, emitting bubbly wit and a rare yet refreshingly honest open-mindedness towards everyone she meets. We chatted with Glasby to hear her insider’s view on model behavior.

LAC: I read in a previous interview that you were discovered at a small modeling competition in your home town of Brisbane, Australia. Tell us a little bit about that competition. 

HANNAH GLASBY: Weirdly enough, at least in my mind, I did win the competition. It was so surprising as there were so many beautiful girls and guys competing in it, girls who in my mind were what I had seen in magazines. The long, blonde, shiny hair, perfect figures and the whitest teeth you had ever seen. Here I was, 5’8 but haven’t grown into my boys yet, crooked teeth, never had died my hair and was wearing clothes from Target. I honestly didn’t think I had a chance !

LAC: What was the actual competition like?

HG: It was a simple mall competition. My hometown isn’t that big so there was about 10 girls and five or six guys competing for a modeling contract with my agency in Australia, Viviens. You also won a $1,000 dollar shopping spree in said mall and a photo shoot that would be displayed in the mall. In consisted of a runway portion, a bit of Q and A, and a basic judging from the agents seeing if they thought you had what it takes. I really wasn’t taking it that seriously, I was just trying to have fun and kept thinking about the ice cream I knew I was going to get afterwards.

LAC: What initially sparked your interest to compete in the modeling competition?

HG: It’s a long story but basically my mum had been taking this course that was mandatory for her job. She met a designer who was showing his latest pictures, and my mother, who wasn’t too pleased by his photos,  showed him my pictures and said I was interested in modeling. That wasn’t 100% the truth, I had done some modeling as a child but it had been years before that. I did a photo shoot for him and he then secretly sent my photos to the agency. They contacted me and my mum, asked me if I wanted to be a part of the competition and the rest is history.

LAC: Had you always dreamed of being a model?

HG: No, I don’t think so. I had always enjoyed performing I suppose but also had a bit of stage fright. Never really enjoyed having my picture taken but was interested in arts in every way shape or form. My mother is a wonderful artists and I was actually planning on becoming a teacher. It’s funny how life turns out.

LACANVAS_HANNAHG_7LAC: How did you decide to make the move from Australia to the states?

HG: I had started my career in Europe and the moved back to Australia to work. A lot of my fellow models had been moving to NY to start working there so it felt like a natural progression within my career to move to America. NY was scary at first but no where near as scary as Paris.

LAC: Now that you’ve modeled both in the States and in Australia, do you find modeling and its surrounding culture to differ in the U.S. than in Australia? 

HG: In America there is definitely a bigger market – more and different types of work. More competition which I think is a good thing but can be hard when you first move here. The way you are trained as a model is very different too. For instance, I have noticed in my time here that girls where a lot of makeup to castings. That would never be allowed in Paris, no makeup was required and in Australia is was very minimal. I have seen girls walk into casting here in LA with shorts, a t-shirt and ballet flats. Heels are a must anywhere else in the world. Also, I pride myself on always having a great work ethic, being punctual and always having a great attitude and I’ve heard that many clients that I have worked with feel that is universal with Australian models.

LAC: Does the actual fashion and style differ in both countries as well?

HG: I think it does. Australian fashion takes different risks than American. Not always, but I feel the industry is more accepting of different, edgier types of fashion. It may be because it’s a smaller market but I think it continues to evolve and take different risks that are embraced by the fashion crown in Australia and also worldwide.

LACANVAS_HANNAHG_2LAC: You have been a brand ambassador and modeling for Volcom for awhile now. How did you first get connected with them?

HG: I went in for casting with them, just being my goofy, crazy self and they obviously saw something in me that they thought represented their brand really well. Volcom women’s has grown to be such a fashion forward lifestyle brand which has become so accessible to so many different types of women. We embarked on a seven-season campaign run, focusing on how their clothes and the culture at Volcom worked with my own personal style and attitude which was and still is a major compliment. Kristy, the head women’s designer, is and will always be one of my favorite people. It’s definitely a group effort but her eye for patterns, textures and overall what women want to wear is outstanding and I will continue to wear and buy Volcom for that reason alone. It was a wonderful job and we had such a good run but all good things must come to an end and they have recently chosen a new face for their brand. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with such an amazing brand and will forever be grateful that they introduced me to my wonderful boyfriend whom I met while shooting.

LACANVAS_HANNAHG_6LAC: And you just shot their Fall ’15 look book correct? How was that? 

HG: It was incredible! We shot up in the this amazing house in Malibu. It was three full days of beach, sun, fun and great photos. The clothes are trendy yet wearable and all in such comfy material. Our photographer Andrew Kuykendall has a innate way of making every shoot so exciting, interesting and personal. We had a lot of outfits to shoot each day but it never felt like work because it was basically a big group of friends, working hard but having fun trying to get the best photos possible.

LAC: What other brands have you worked with?

HG: So many it’s hard to count! Haha but some that stand out are close to my heart. I’ve done plenty of e-comm for wonderful brands like Nordstrom, Charlotte Russe, Tilly’s, Forever 21 just to name a few. I always love doing the C. Russe campaigns, Volcom of course, working with Free people was an amazing experience and I’ve been doing a lot of editorials lately which are so creative, fun and allow me to work with some incredibly talented people.

LAC: Do you strictly work within the fashion world or have you ventured out into other types of modeling? 

HG: So far, it’s has been mostly fashion. Not because I’m against any other avenues, but that is what I’m used to and have worked so hard to achieve. You never know in the future though.LACANVAS_HANNAHG_3LAC: Have you appeared on any magazine covers?

HG: I have been on the cover for a few Australian magazines. The biggest in Australia was a hard copy Harpers Bazaar Australian Style book that was a once in a life time opportunity. It will only ever be produced once and I was so honored to be on the cover. I’ve also been on the cover of L’official Paris, Russia and Japan.

LAC: What is your proudest accomplishment this far, modeling or non-modeling?

HG: There are a few. One would definitely have to be walking for Chanel Haute Couture my first season in Paris. I also walked for Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, George’s Chakra.. Being the finale for Juli Grbac ( local Australia designer ) in MBFF. Being a campaign girl for Forever 21 that was worldwide and kept up for a year because they loved it so much. And of course, being the face of Volcom was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

LACANVAS_HANNAHG_4LAC: When you aren’t strutting your stuff and being a bad-ass fashion model, what do you enjoy doing?

HG: Hahah! I’m a pretty simple type of person. I enjoy reading, like all of the time, walking our new puppy, his name is Meatloaf, he is a pug and we rescued him like a week ago, I’m in love! I love going out to a good dinner with good friends, drinking red wine, talking to my mum on Skype, traveling, going thrift shopping. But most of all, I love coming home at the end of the day, sitting down with a glass of wine and talking and watching movies with my boyfriend Andrew. He is my favorite person and its where I’m the happiest and most content.

LAC: What are some of your favorite spots to hit up in LA?

HG: Food wise, Koda in Silver Lake is my favorite sushi. Happy hour goes from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and I could eat it every day. Fred’s 62 on Vermont is great for diner food. I love the Cha Cha for a chill beer in a dive bar. I live in Los Feliz and I am so lucky to have an abundance of amazing nightlife at my fingertips.

LAC: How do you feel Los Angeles differs from other cities around the world? 

HG: I fell in love with LA the moment I moved here. The weather is obviously a major draw, reminds me so much of Australia. I also love how diverse LA is. You have the west side with beaches, high-end restaurants, bars and hotels. You have downtown which is grittier, more industrial and business-like. You have the east side which is hipster heaven but also has pockets of beautiful parks and cute, family friendly neighborhoods. I don’t know if I will live in LA for the rest of my life but I will always be so grateful for the time I got to spend here.

LAC: What’s next for you? Any new projects on the horizon?

HG: The sky’s the limit, my agency FORD is literally the most amazing agency and we have been talking about a lot of exciting things for the near future. Behind every great model are great agents and I’m proud to say mine are some of the best.


Stay connected with Hannah Glasby by following her on Instagram to see her latest modeling projects and style shenanigans.

Hannah Glasby (@hannah_glasby)

Hannah G at Ford Models 

Photos by: Andrew Kuykendall (@andrew_kuykendall) for Volcom.


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