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Ritual Union Music Selects: Leo Islo vs Jamie Prado


In digital music battles, things aren’t really what they seem to be when adding the term VERSUS between the two artist names spinning and performing live at our Ritual Union Coachella (weekend 2, holla!) banger: Leo Islo and Jamie Prado. While each artist has their own unique musical palette, their willingness to merge their track list—yeah, like a ritual union—is an important showcase of the collaborative angle we’re taking to the desert. Discover their voice in their commentary about each selection. Let’s go:


Rising Producer/Singer/Songwriter Matt Pahler, or Leo Islo, hosts an eclectic audio-visual mix of his world, some of which is focused on his wanderlust. His use of retro-soaked synths, ethereal vocals and analog-savvy beats always lure us in, which is why his talent perfectly fits in with a desert party. On our desert togetherness, his email back to us:

“This event is going to be SO DOPE! It’s amazing to see these independent scenes—LAMP, Kismet Collective and Paradise Ultd.—coming together to showcase emerging talent. I’ll be putting together a new live setup just for this show, and I’m stoked to showcase it at the event.”

Marcus Marr & Chet Faker- Learning For Your Love

“The entire “Work” EP is amazing, but this track in particular creates such a lush and versatile landscape. Chet and Marcus really impressed me with their ability to shift from emotional crooning right into Daft territory with that drop, and somehow make it work despite the sharp contrast.”

The Internet (feat Kaytranada)- Girl

“Kaytranada’s signature off-kilter bass line combined with the slinky vocal talents of Syd The Kid merge into a track that feels like sitting pool-side at midnight with a martini. The sonic palette here is just right- minimal, but pieced together into R&B bliss.”

Tourist- Run

“I had the pleasure of seeing Tourist 2 years ago at Sasquatch and was hooked ever since. I love the delay modulation he uses on the vocal hook to this track to turn it into an atmosphere the production is built around. Its a great tune for breaking into spring and out of winter.”

Leo Islo- Oh Dystopia (Cabinett Remix)

“Cabinett (out of Seoul, South Korea) took my track “Oh Dystopia” and spun it into this gorgeous Todd Terje-esque masterpiece full of 80’s warmth. It was the first time I had heard anyone remix my music and catch me off guard with how different of a vibe he put on it.”


As a conductor of auditory satisfaction, LA-based Jamie Prado sets an innovative tone, shifting the traditional production process into his own unique art form. Whether it’s production, remixing, spinning, or sound design, expect to hear a lot more about Prado’s and his swift rise. He’s also formed a new partner label with L’Affaire Musicale and many performances to come at this city’s hottest venues. Bonus points for dropping album ‘Return To Indio’ this week! His compliments on our call:

“Really looking forward to playing Ritual Union. Not only is the lineup great, the climate in Palm Springs amazing, but it’s especially dope to see these collectives pulling together to put on such a special event!” 

Carbon Copy – Move Up Close (Robbie G Remix) – ApartmentSixtyThree


“ApartmentSixtyThree are one of those labels whos releases are consistently strong. This Robbie G remix of “Move Up Close” is my fave off the EP. It’s explosive, dynamic, creative and those string stabs pay homage! One of those tracks that’s ready for the club, the pool party, while you’re getting ready for either or while you’re getting it on. That’s a strong tune.”

Jamie Prado – Restless feat. Tali – Midnight In Paris


“My latest single “Restless” is prob the track I’m most proud of so far. It’s one of those tunes where all the elements came together in perfect sync. Tali delivered a vocal that just sticks with you. I’ve played it out a couple times now and people are out in the crowd singing along, it’s dope!”

Nora En Pure – Better off That Way – Enormous Tunes

“I’m a huge fan of Nora, her tracks have this unique way of infusing euphoric tropic bass with elements of psychedelic and blues. A truly unique sound. “Better Off That Way” is one of those infectiously head nodding cuts. Sultry vocals, nostalgic guitar riffs and a rhythmic marimba will keep this release in the front of my crate.”

Jamie Prado – Tayrona – Return to Indio


“While in Colombia recently, I backpacked through Tayrona National Park (northern coast) for a couple days. It was hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. The high Sierra Mountain range drops straight into lush jungle, palm forests and trails that open up to miles of Caribbean coastline. When I got back to Bogotá, this was the first track I wrote.”

Take a selfie with us while we bounce to this come April 22-23rd. 

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