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Hope everyone has had a great pre-halloween weekend! But if you were at home, saving all of your energy for Thursday, and are still racking your brain as to what you should dress up as, we got you covered – and luckily, most can be done by a quick visit to your closet.


Is Lana Del Rey still relevant? She had that song from The Great Gatsby that seemed to make its way on to every Facebook timeline at least once a week. You may think she is not an easy giveaway at a Halloween event, but you’re wrong.
FIRST: All you need to do is accentuate her most talked about asset, those plumped lips!  Let’s look at her Interview magazine cover, pictured above. They, geniusly, used a bumble bee to show off those puffy lips (HELLO, ICONIC!). Anyway, find yourself a fake bee from a craft store of some sort. Then, invest in lots of lip plumper.
SECOND:  Eyeliner. Put that winged liner on THICK – top and bottom. As for her hair, it is reminiscent of a ’60s school girl – lots of volume, right in the front.
LASTLY: As far as clothing, be creative. Take any of Lana’s looks – look back at her H&M line, which consisted of lots of pink. Or, a romper with an old school vibe, Koshka has one in lemon.
Extra points: Do some stiletto nails, a flower crown, and some heart-shaped glasses. Think lolita, but richer and chicer.
If no one gets it, just start singing Video Games and swaying.


Before I go on to describe the amazing look that is Vivian Abromowitz, you need to make sure you have watched Slums of Beverly Hills. If you have, watch it again – if you haven’t, you should be ashamed of yourself. It was filmed in the ’90s but takes place in 1976 – two recognizable eras as well as ones that have trends coming back, so you more than likely have one or more items for this costume in your closet.
FIRST: Her iconic outfit is simple to recreate – if you are a lazy costume do-er, this is a good one. We know all of you have a pair of denim high-waisted cutoffs, pull em out. Then, you need to go bra shopping, but not to Victoria Secrets. Possibly shop in your grandmas drawer, or go to Macy’s or something of the sort. You will need a bra in white, with thick straps. Make sure it shows through what you will be shopping for next, a cropped halter top; extra points if you can find a red one.
NEXT: Her socks are athletic knee socks – very American Apparel so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Then, go with any shoes you want – some type of 70s platform if you want height, or athletic shoes if you want comfort.
LASTLY: If you are already at the thrift store looking for your cropped top, don’t forget the most important item – a blow dryer. If it isn’t yellow, grab some spray paint.

Now for some male suggestions – but again we remind you all of these are unisex, ’cause we don’t believe in gender binaries. On that note, this character is easy to mimic, but it doesn’t mean it is any less fun.
FIRST (and only): You have to think bold, bright, mismatched, and very ’90s to truly embody Will in his Fresh Prince days. You can do the outfit in the theme song, yellow and green striped shirt, blue shorts, a camera placed on your neck, and a bright colored hat (like the ones at Mokuyobi Threads).
Extra points: make a cardboard cut out of the taxi he rolls up in.
PS: You can also embrace his lack of rule following when it came to suit wearing. Remember when he wore the comberbun around his chest with the bright pattern shirt underneath, and a bow tie? DO IT. You more than likely have an old suit lying around, so you may just need to invest in a couple key pieces. Also, you will need a hat for that look as well.

Andy Warhol 1983, printed 1990 by Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989

You may think this is overdone, but whatever – it is a costume for the lazy, AND cultured, duh.
FIRST : You will just need all black, but preferably a black turtle neck.
NEXT: You need a crazy, white/blonde wig and some dark sunglasses.
LASTLY: This costumes most important aspect will be the Warhol you choose to embody throughout the night. Do a little neurotic with a side of genius, and people should get it. Carry around a camera or some paint if you feel inclined. Or, have someone on your hip dressed as Edie Sedgwick.


We like to stay relevant here, and who is more relevant than the Kimye duo? Fortunately, they have both been looking AMAZING post North West. So, if you want to feel chic on Halloween, test the waters with a monochromatic couples outfit.
FIRST: Kanye’s style is very high-end, but actually really simple. He sticks to the basics, all black, all white, a little denim, and maybe baby blue. Our friends at UPXUNDR actually have a shirt inspired by the rapper, the Lord Tee. It is longer than your average and just needs to be paired with the same color pants – I would do a black tee, with some leather jogging pants – extra points: act angry about not being able to produce the leather jogging pant first – DAMN YOU FENDHI!!
NEXT: As for Kim, her style has gotten exponentially better since she started dating Kanye – no more Herve Lager bandaid dresses, thank god. So, to match your beau, pick a color and go with it – also, show off those curves (or add some if you need to – Halloween allows for exaggeration, so do what you must). Choose some skin tight leather, downplay an all white peplum, you can almost wear whatever. As for hair, go long and straight, or a tight, high ponytail. Then, throw on some big sunglasses cause as Kim you are always hiding from the paps.
LASTLY: As this couple your best accessory will be an adorable baby girl, but if you cannot get your hands on one, carry around a huge compass pointing NorthWest. People should get it.

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