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We’ve all been there. When introduced to someone new, we lean in and instinctively linger for an extra second. Whoever it is and whatever the context of the salutation, we’re intrigued (and have potentially creeped our new friend out). Nothing can turn us on quicker than an alluring scent.

Here at LA CANVAS, we’ve always been champions of duality. We’ll spare you our existentialism on gender and leave it to this—androgyny is almost always the sexiest flavor. Unisex fragrances are not only versatile and appealing, they ooze a level of sophistication.

From clean citrus scents and spicy notes to lighter floral aromas and musks, here are some of our favorite aromas to make every persuasion stay awhile.




AESOP: Marrakech Intense Eau de Toilette: Pop into AESOP in Downtown and give this a whiff. The Australian Botanical brand reinterpret’s their 2005 Marrakech fragrance for a more vigorous and spicy smell for the everyman and woman. In the handsome, amber bottle, you can smell the inspiration of it’s titular city.

SMELLS: Cedar, Floral, hints of almost Chai spice.


SWEDISH DREAM: SEA SALT SOAP: This traditional soap made from mineral rich sea water is a Swedish Dream. Sea Salt Soap and it’s counter part Seaweed Soap have been popping up in boutique to department stores alike. This soap not only makes skins soft and balmy and brags great tonic properties (makes a great substitute for shave cream!), but its fresh smell is for sure addicting.

SMELLS: Sweet, Creamy, Clean.


JUNIPER RIDGE: Yuba River Backpacker’s Cologne This 100% hand-foraged and distilled cologne in California is the refreshing Backpacker’s Cologne. You can trust, you will smell like a true mountaineer, or more like a sexy Christmas tree after a few spritz. Every fragrance, like Yuba River is crafted from whatever was rooted on the trails of the titled location.

SMELLS: Fresh Winter Mountains.


KIEHL’s: Musk Eau de Toilette Spray A more sweet at fruity musk that plays off your unique natural scent. Everyone’s is unique. This common favorite is a lighter, modern play on the Kiehl’s more traditional Musk Oil from the original 1920’s recipe.

SMELLS: Sweet, Warm, Citrus-ey.


LE LABO: Fleur D’Oranger 27 From the hills of Grasse, to the department store apothecary, this clean, lemony, and floral fragrance took 3 years to nail down it’s complexities. Every bottle is hand-crafted and freshly distilled for it’s customer. Orange-Blossom, musky Bergamot balanced with more lemon and floral notes are a master recipe for everyone.

SMELLS: Crisp, Lemony, Fruity and Floral.


PHOTOS VIA:  Thislandishome, Le Labo, Fork and Flower, EcoCult, Selectism

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