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Music Exclusive: Ulf Bonde’s Serendipitous Playlist

Ulf Bonde has had some major luck for being such a newbie in LA, especially since the music industry is in subject, and breaking into it, while seeking artistic freedom, integrity, and tons of other nouns that pair up with validation in the public eye. For Bonde—Sweden based until his LA invasion in 2011—the process to emerge had serendipity written all over it; USC, then Justin Jay, then Culprit LA.


With interests in next-level generalizations in which musical patterns create certain emotions—his piano teacher taught him to use analogies to better imagine the impression that a piece was meant to have—Bonde’s childhood co-oped a science and music root, giving him freedom to experiment in making music, from rock to electronic music genres. However, his move to LA in 2011 was a culture shock. “It took some time before I stopped trying to figure out what LA is all about; the music scene is very unrestrictive—which is cool—you can play and take risks,” he told us.

Upon entering USC, Blonde befriended our Gent’s Issue playlist curator: Culprit and DirtyBird star, Justin Jay. From discussing ideas about what makes music work and what music makes them as emerging artists tick, the two ended up as close friends and college roomies; inspired by his classmate, Bonde didn’t miss a beat when it came to making music and developing his sound. Then came Culprit LA, who’s aim is to uncover and provide a platform for fresh talent while nourishing young LA based producers, and where Bonde fits in. On the good news he states, “Signing with Culprit was very organic. I had gone to several Culprit parties and vibed with their sound. Later, when I had made a couple of songs, Justin [Jay] recommended my music to them.” His debut EP of the label “Blossom For Me” has an engaging melody (perfect writing music, ahem!), with a saucy remix by his best mate, Justin Jay. See how it all ties in?

For the sake this fortunate happenstance, we got Bonde selecting, talking:

“I love the surreal vibe of the samples he chose. The light drums work well when you’ve just woken up.”

“The vibe is super light, but the drums are energizing. Atjazz is perfect for getting started.”

“Once the day has started, some loopy stuff helps me stay focused. So Inagawa picks the perfect grooves for this type of repetition.”

“I love these guys sense of rhythm and the drawn out textures they use. Always musically interesting.”

“Really great motif. It’s cool how the middle section of just drums is drawn out like that, which helps with not overplaying the motif.”

Listen to Ulf Bonde’s progression as an artist right here.

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