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It’s music festival season again! Some of you may be going to Coachella, some of you may be going to Desert Daze, and some of you might just want to add some hot weather clothing to your wardrobe. I tried to find a trend that didn’t involve cutting a fringe into a t-shirt, but something that was still simple and a little more polished looking. Here’s how to make a tie front shirt out of a large button up. Of course, if you want a more fitted/cropped look, you could use a button up that already fit you. As with most of these D.I.Y.’s, feel free to customize to your flavor. I’m not the most adventurous dresser, so I’m keeping this one pretty simple. But you could absolutely add studs, patches, paint, dye, trims (lace, ribbon, tassels, fringe), etc. if that’s your jam.


-button up of choice
-sewing needle+thread/sewing machine
-things to decorate with (buttons, patches, studs, paint, dye, etc)


1. Cut off sleeves close to shoulder seam. This way you can skip refinishing the hem. If you want a frayed look, cut farther away from the shoulder seam and pick at the threads til you have the look you want.



2. Try the shirt on and mark where you want it to end on your back. I chose right above my hips, but you could make it a crop top by marking just below your natural waist. Leave some seam allowance (mark lower than where you want the finished edge) if you want to re-hem the bottom.


3. Fold the shirt in half so the side seams meet. Starting with your new bottom edge line, draw your new hem line. I decided to go up where it meets the hips (to mimic the original hem) and then went all the way down to the original hem for the ties.


4. Cut along the line, making sure both layers are flat and you are cutting through both layers.



5. If you shirt was especially large, or a men’s shirt and you’re a lady, you might have gaping arm holes (at the bottom). While trying the shirt on (buttoned up), pinch and fold over any excess fabric to create faux darts. (This will help the top fit you better around the arms and chest.) Pin in place.



6. Sew your folds down. Or just use a safety pin if you don’t want to bother.

7. Add any patches, buttons, embroidery, paint, or other decorative notions you’d like. Or try an ombre effect by dipping the bottom into a solution of sugar free Kool Aid and water. I opted to keep mine simple and accessorize with a collar clip.


8. Wear. Enjoy!

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