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Pasadena Police Receive DNA Results from Gun Recovered at Scene of McClain Shooting

Attorney Disputes DNA Evidence Uncovered on McClain Firearm

Police have obtained DNA from the gun recovered at the scene where Pasadena police officer Edwin Dumaguindin shot Anthony McClain on Aug. 15, 2020.

“The swabbed DNA profile taken from the firearm was compared to the DNA sample obtained from McClain at the coroner’s office,” according to a press release issued by the department Thursday. “The swabbed DNA profile taken from the firearm was compared to the DNA sample obtained from Mr. McClain at the coroner’s office. The lab’s DNA Analysis Report identified only one person’s DNA located on the slide (upper section) of the firearm and firmly establishes the link between the DNA on the firearm and Mr. McClain,” claimed the department. The press release goes on to say that McClain’s DNA was also found on other parts of the gun.

According to the report from the Sheriff’s Department, samples from the grip of the gun had DNA from three individuals but 90% of the material analyzed was from McClain. “This analysis provide very strong support for the proposition that Anthony McClain is a contributor to the DNA obtained from this sample,” reads the report. The other two DNA profiles on the grip were deemed “not suitable” for entry into the Combined DNA Index System.

The gun recovered at the scene. – Courtesy photo / Pasadena PD

The analysis found DNA from at least five people on the trigger and trigger guard but “due to the complexity of this DNA profile” it was not “suitable for interpretation.”

The DNA sample from the slide also “provides very strong support for the proposition that Anthony McClain is a contributor to the DNA obtained from this sample.”

Multiple attorneys representing family members of the McClain family have filed claims against the city following McClain’s death and at times raising questions about whether the gun recovered at the scene had belonged to McClain. Even community members questioned the story from the police department.

The department, seeing the report as vindication, says in the press release that “this DNA evidence along with the officer’s statements, the recorded statement of a witness who saw Mr. McClain throw the firearm, and the video evidence all point to the incident unfolding as initially described by the Police Department.”

Pasadena Police Chief John E. Perez issued the following statement:

“The loss of any life is extremely tragic and our prayers remain with the McClain family during this difficult period. In keeping with the commitment to transparency and accountability, it is my public responsibility to conduct thorough and detailed investigations to get to the truth of what led to the death of a community member. I remain concerned with false information and public statements which increase the distrust we are seeing in our public servants, placing them and their families in direct danger.

“The Pasadena Police Department has shared with the public all available information, which is legally possible, regarding the August 15th incident. With the release of all unedited video and audio recordings less than a week after the officer involved shooting, the release of the involved officer’s name, and now the DNA results, the Pasadena Police Department has provided the public with a complete view of this critical incident rather than a limited view.

“These type of events are never easy, but it is imperative we continue to keep the members of the Pasadena community informed of our policing efforts. Our various investigations are ongoing and more will be shared when possible.”

Caree Harper, attorney for the McClain family, sent an email to local media Thursday disputing the DNA results.

“So supposedly there is DNA evidence, but no prints? On the street that Mr. McClain’s blood was shed all over and in which dozens of citizens and officers trampled through? On a street that shooter Edwin Dumaguindin is clearly seen searching for an alleged weapon with Mr. McClain’s blood on his hands? Who recovered the weapon?

“Any and all evidence will be heavily scrutinized and questioned. Notwithstanding potentially manipulated evidence, possession of an alleged weapon is NOT a death sentence, especially while running away. The point has been missed if anyone thinks that this is the true issue when someone has been shot repeatedly in the back while running away.

“This changes nothing.  The shooting of Anthony McClain was unjustified, unnecessary and tragic,” Harper stated emphatically.

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