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Q&A: Burning Bridges with Broods

New Zealand isn’t new to bringing some of the greater sounds of contemporary music to the states with artists such as Kimbra, The Naked and Famous and, of course, Lorde. It should be no surprise that geographical locations, per yuse, have a lot to offer when it comes to unique tunes and buzzing artists—for example, Broods is next to takeover our sound waves. Brother and sister, Caleb and Georgia Nott, are the masterminds behind Broods creating synthy indie-pop music which has topped the charts in New Zealand and is now gaining a wider scope, trickling onto our radar and making noise in our ears.

The duo’s breakout success was with their self-titled EP led by a catchy single “Bridges” and since, they’ve released a hauntingly beautiful debut album, ‘Evergreen’, and have been touring the world. We got to talk with Broods’ lead vocalist Georgia about touring, the album and other deep deets:

LA CANVAS: You guys have been touring on your own and just finished touring in the US with Sam Smith, what has that experience been like?

GEORGIA NOTT: It’s really inspiring seeing somebody like Sam perform! He has the audience on the edge of their seats.

LAC: And now you’re off to Australia going solo, are you guys excited?

GN: We love touring in Australia. We have a lot of family there that we get to catch up with which is cool, but it’s also just a sweet place and the crowds are great!

LAC: As a brother-sister project, your connection with family and music has to run really deep, what has the experience been like working with your sibling?

GN: It’s made the experience way cooler. We’ve always wanted to do music professionally together, so actually doing it is really surreal for us. And, whenever we do start to feel the pressure we have a trustworthy and genuine person to lean on.

BROODS NEW PRESS SHOT - 2014 - CREDIT Kyle Dean Reinford - HIRES


LAC: You both have a connection with Lorde. Broods is from New Zealand as is Lorde and both of you have worked with music producer Joel Little. How do you feel about the breakout success of New Zealand artists in mainstream US airplay?

GN: It’s so good for New Zealand!! We have so much cool stuff happening over here so it’s good to be recognised for it around the world.

LAC: Your album Evergreen is amazing and has so many meaningful songs, what would you say the overarching vibe is for the album?

GN: There’s definitely a running theme of love and family. Those are two massive priorities for us. There’s the occasional overly depressing track but every album needs a tragically sad story.

LAC: What’s your favorite thing about LA?

GN: The incredible weather!!! I love the sun and warmth. I’ll admit it gets a bit too much at times but that vitamin D makes you happy as a cricket!

*Check out Broods’ breakout single “Bridges” above and album Evergreen on iTunes now.

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