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55DSL ‘Beyond Mountains, More Mountains’ by Canada from Partizan on Vimeo.

55DSL may be best-known as a Diesel spin-off label, but this small, hands-on company actually has a lot more to it. Founded in Italy in 1994 by Creative Director Andrea Rosso, 55DSL uses street wear as a platform to support and collaborate with up-and-coming artists–and vice versa.. LAC sat down with Rosso to discuss the label’s third short film called “Beyond Mountains, More Mountains,” directed by acclaimed music video directors CANADA. The beautiful, charming video look-book flawlessly showcases the lifestyle brand’s AW’12 collection by documenting a young couple’s journey across the Italian countryside.



How often do you do these limited run t-shirts in collaboration with artists?

I’ve always done small collaborations and limited edition products. This 1055 is the number of t-shirts we produce for each artists, and it’s now our 5th anniversary that we’re going to present next season. People love to see different new artwork, new placement, new subjects.

How long have you guys been doing video look books?

This is the third video that we produced. The first one focused on this traditional festival that takes place in Sicily, the second one was done in Rome, and this one with CANADA was filmed all around Italy from North to South.

How do you come up with the concept and the treatment, is it based off of the collection?

This A/W ’12 collection is really inspired by Italy. Usually we go around the world to find inspiration, but this time we just went to Italy and drew from stuff we always pass by but never really stop to look at, like graphics from old pharmacies, butcher shops, or restaurants. The iconography of Italy in the 50’s is very strong; if you go to Rome, Florence, or small towns, all the signs are still dirty from that time, and the faded colors and the fonts reflect that time. So all of the typography in the collection is based off of the heritage of Italy.

What was it like working with CANADA on this project?

They’re very talented people. We like their style, it’s an honor to work with them. Between us, when we talk about good film, they are at the top of the list. So to do this with them was a pleasure. In the beginning I have to say that I was kind of scared, because I thought the story was too romantic, but the way they did it was perfect. Graphically and even musically, they really know what they’re doing.

How would you describe the difference between Diesel and 55DSL?

We definitely have a more graphic approach, we use more high-impact color, and we also have more of a sports heritage. From the beginning in ‘94-96, we were really into action sports, snowboarding especially, because we were very close to the mountains. And also surfing and skateboarding. But with time we moved to a more street approach.

But our target is very niche, it’s not mass-market. We are a small company. The energy and integrity you have working with a small team is very strong, and I’d like to keep that.

What’s next for you guys? She mentioned you’re going to Texas?

Yes. We’d like to shoot the next video Italy, Texas. It’s nice to connect a name with a scenery that’s nothing like Italy. We like the contrast.

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