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Turn those clocks back — Standard Time returning

At 2 a.m. Sunday, it will be time to “fall back” to Pacific Standard Time, meaning turn your clocks back one hour.

Most people tend to that task upon retiring for the night Saturday, getting an extra hour of sleep. But be sure to draw the shades, too — it’ll get light earlier in the morning, while also getting dark earlier in the afternoon/early evening.

As usual, fire officials urged people to use the time change as a reminder to check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and replace the batteries if necessary. It’s also a good time to reset timers on outdoor lights and lawn sprinkler systems.

Los Angeles County Interim Fire Chief Anthony Marrone, in fact, said the time change is a good opportunity for people to update, review and practice a range of wider emergency precautions.

“It’s essential that families remain vigilant and stay prepared for every disaster and emergency both in and out of their home,” Marrone said in a statement Friday.

“Your plans should consider how to assist those who are particularly vulnerable, including young children, seniors and individuals with special needs.”

The fire department offered these specific tips:

— Check those smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. In addition, for people who are hearing impaired or sensitive to loud noises, consider installing devices with strobe lights or vibration alerts. For those who don’t like bright lights, alarms and detectors with verbal alerts are also available.

— Download the Family Instructions for Rapid Escape (F.I.R.E.) guide to create and practice plans for all types of emergencies, such as how to transport people down stairs and how to escape through a door or window. The guide is available at fire.lacounty.gov/f-i-r-e/.

— “Close Before You Doze.” Closing doors at bedtime prevents the spread of flames into a bedroom when there is a fire. If possible, the fire department said, consider installing sprinklers to keep fires small and give people more time to escape.

The county fire department also has a wider array of safety tips at fire.lacounty.gov.

The time change will again put California one hour earlier than Arizona, as most of that state does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands also don’t observe daylight saving time.

Standard Time will be in effect until March 12, when it will be time to again “spring forward.”

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