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Welcome to week two of OBSESSED, our little list of things that make our hearts flutter and our wallets antsy (see last week’s installment here). This week, we switch it up. We added something cute and cuddly to the list. We help you with your fall wardrobe, and give you a chance to gain some karma points – the holiday season is coming up and you don’t want coal in your stocking, right? Anyway, read on, my minions, and once again, share your obsessions by using Instagram to its full potential and use #LACANVASOBSESSED.


When it comes to what to wear this fall in LA, it gets a little confusing. October is almost over and a lot of us are still in shorts, light dresses and sandals. While we can’t wait to don a coat and beanie, we also cannot wait to bring some of the spring and summer colors into our fall wardrobe. Pastels are feminine, chic, and just plain fun. Wear your usual all-black, and throw on a pink coat. You’ll look fashion-forward, and because LA weather never knows what it wants, you can invest in some key powder-hued pieces guilt-free since you can totally wear them again in spring! Ultimately, you win.

Must of us are told we shop too much, but if it’s for a good cause, it’s acceptable, right? Well, whether or not that excuse works for your shopaholics anonymous meeting, you need to head over to Sevenly.com. In 2011 the idea came about to mix merchandise with proceeds for multiple foundations – ones that change every week. The site has everything from clothing to water bottles to jewelry – we promise it’s stuff you want to actually wear/own. And, $7 from every purchase will be donated to the cause. Watch the video above to hear about where proceeds will go this week.


All gold errythang is our motto, and now we can have gold more than just on our chain. Oribe’s 24k Gold Pomade will have you looking as luxurious as ever. You’ll look sun-kissed and might be mistaken for stepping out of a 1970s disco (they were into glitter then, right?). You may think this is a little much and that it isn’t your steeze, but it should be – you deserve to shine bright. Now, If all that positive reinforcement didn’t help, just remember Tom Ford did the scents for Oribe hair products. That’s reason enough to be caught gold-handed. We’ll say no more.


Nick Wooster is the epitome of a badass in the menswear game. Mens fashion is all the rage and everyone is trying to take things to the next level, but this silver fox is one to be taking pointers from. He’s completely put together, ALWAYS. Rocking everything from a three-piece suit to pastel shorts, he’s not a businessman – he’s a business, man. Okay, he is a businessman too, but we take every opportunity to quote Jay-Z. #SorryNotSorry


Everyone needs a sidekick, and what better sidekick than a hairless creature that fits in your arms. These cute – and contrary to popular belief – cuddly kittens, really know how to make our heart melt (or maybe just ours). These Doctor Evil pals have a canine temperament with a feline aesthetic – so you don’t have to be just a dog or just a cat person – you get the best of both worlds. So, If you have at least $1,500 lying around, you can own one. Buy us one too, tho.


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