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The Los Angeles Spotlights: Nick Simmons


Towering at 6 feet 7 inches, Nick Simmons is not my first choice for hide-and-seek, but he’s one of the busiest tastemakers out there: a musician, designer, and writer all before lunch. Simmons moves with expert humility, treading honestly and lightly. He’s unabashedly forthright in his opinions and well versed in more industries than most of us knew existed. So, where do we start? You haven’t heard much from the songwriter…yet. He’s in the process of making the baby, working closely with longtime friend and musical counterpart, Vinnie Ferra, to release their inaugural EP. A product of a genre-less generation where Hozier and The Black Keys all live on the same playlist, don’t expect their sound to fit into a box. We can look forward to “a lot of blues, soul, and whatever the hell James Blake is.”


Outside the makeshift studio, Simmons has been busy writing. “It’s my day job,” he jokes. But seriously, with a refreshing POV on sexual liberty, Simmons’ bylines at HuffPo and Vice are bookmark worthy. He’s a regular Matt Lauer, comfortable letting A-listers talk about what they want, spotlighting the shadows of their lives that rarely see light. He’s also making his way on the fashion front. His approach, like the rest of his endeavors, has a philosophical footnote: “People listen with their eyes.” For his past collab with Style Club + Christian Benner, A Place Where Dreamers Go, Simmons cut threads with a conscience, donating proceeds to his sister’s organization, Sophie’s Place. His design suggests an alternative to trends, so be on the lookout for timeless silhouettes and leather—lots of it. In whatever discipline Simmons explores, he’s a natural. Guess it runs in the family.


photography Sven Dreesbach

grooming Larisa Samadany

location Hudson Loft 

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