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Have you ever wondered where you could get five plastic fetuses? What about an illustration of Steve Buscemi as an earth worm? Etsy, known for all its cutesy and crafty charm, has more to offer you than meets the eye. We rounded up some of the most disturbing (and hilarious) finds to bring you the creepiest stuff you can buy on Etsy.



5 Creepy Rubber Fetuses, Pink

At a standard rate of $15.50 you can own five rubber fetuses, which the seller insures are “very squeezable,” in case that was a concern.


Kim Kardashian Crying Face iPhone Case Cover

Who wouldn’t want Kim Kardishian’s crying face on their cell? It saves you the time of rewinding your DVR just to rewatch her freak out on Lord Disick… I mean Scott.



Magic Unicorn Bacon

According to the seller of this glorious meat product, you can actually buy “magical unicorn bacon.” Is it just me or were you at least expecting some type of rainbow food coloring to be involved with that title?


Creepy Gourd Wall Street Businessman Print

This frightening image is sure to warm up your studio apartment. Who doesn’t love a dried-out squash portraying the true essence of corporate America?


Steve Buscemi As An Earth Worm

This simply titled piece might haunt it’s recipient in their sleep, but the seller thinks it would be fantastic as a “Get Well Soon” card. Nothing says “feel better” like Buscemi’s face on a spineless organism.


Intestines In A Jar Necklace

Trying to avoid talking to anyone at your next social gathering? Wear this lovely vile filled with intestine shaped clay. More of a brain or heart in a jar type of gal? The seller says they’re coming soon!!



Oops – The Dog Did it – Poop Soap

Forget that boutique soap bar that smells like lemon verbena. This feces-shaped soap is scentless, and ready to sanitize your hands. The seller promises that it will be sent in attractive packaging. Perfect for gifting!


 Cat Nip Toys Shaped As Sperm

For $8.00 your feline companion can enjoy one 100% organic cat nip toy that is sure to creep out you and everyone else that comes to your home.


 Cashmere Undies

This fabulous find promises to keep you warm, while still ensuring breathability. At $48.00, I don’t think you could ask for more.

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