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Halloween and Day of The Dead Soar in Popularity

Dia de los Muertos dates back to pre-Hispanic rituals and today Mexicans dress up in order to become more familiar with death, so they are more at peace when their time comes to pass on. – Photo by Alex Cordero / Beacon Media News

By Alex Cordero

What does Oct. 31 through Nov. 2 mean to you? Is it just another day at the office? Do you perhaps change your day to day routine and turn off all the lights in your house in an attempt to avoid trick-or-treaters at your door? Or are you part of the millions of people taking part in the long lasting traditions of Halloween and Day of the Dead? These calendar days have grown in popularity over the years becoming unofficial holidays. Even if these few days don’t have any special meaning to you, the atmosphere these holidays create are eerie enough to make you look over your shoulder or maybe even have you running for your dear life.

The first day to kick off the spine-chilling festivities is Oct. 31, also known as Halloween or, if you are as old as cobwebs, Hallows Eve. Personally the best part of Halloween is admiring people’s sense of creativity when it comes to making an original costume and creating Halloween decor for their home and/or office space. Halloween may be the night you finally get to meet your quiet neighbor or get to know your community if you’re old enough to be a trick-or-treater. Either way Halloween night is not your normal evening and is fun to go out at night and join in on the fun if you have the guts.

Nov. 1 and 2, also known as Day of The Dead (Dia De Los Muertos), have grown in popularity here in the United States. The tradition of celebrating the dead on these days was born in Mexico. The idea behind these days is to celebrate the memories of all our loved ones who have passed on. Traditions of this holiday consist of building an altar honoring your ancestors. Dia De Los Muertos is a beautiful tradition that dedicates a couple of days with festivities all in honor of passed loved ones. People dress up as lively cadavers for it is believed that by honoring the dead the spirits of ancestors will live on.

There will be plenty of spooky celebrations adequate for all ages happening throughout communities. In Arcadia on Oct. 27 there will be a ‘Spooky Creatures in The Garden’ event in the LA Arboretum with activities ideal or children 10 years of age or younger. On Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 3 to 6 p.m. in the City of Monrovia there will be a Trick-or-Treat and Halloween Bash. There will be a costume contest and dog costume contest. In Old Pasadena on Friday, Nov. 2 there will be a special Dia De Los Muertos and tour of Altars event. The Tour of the Altars will include three community altars that will allow the public to leave a keepsake of their own honoring a passed loved one. So, if Oct. 31 through Nov. 2 are normal days in the office for you please keep in mind that for millions it is not, and you may want to be prepared to have the living daylights scared right out of you.

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