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How to Market Your E-Newsletter

– Courtesy illustration

By Rachel Wong

So you just finished designing the perfect E-Newsletter. You have great content, stimulating images, and advertisements. Now how do you let everyone know it exists? There are multiple ways to market your E-Newsletter. Social media, event booths, and website subscriber forms are three marketing strategies that are proven ways to promote your E-Newsletter.

Social Media increases the engagement rates, and number of views from subscribers. Social media creates relationships because it puts a face and a name to your email subscribers. Social media can promote the company’s E-Newsletters by posting giveaways, special events, and contests that will grab people’s attention. E-Newsletters are usually sent out to subscribers through email but since in today’s generation, social media is a big marketing outlet. Companies can create campaigns to post on social media featuring different events and news stories. For example, Beacon Media News uses three different social media outlets to help promote their E-Newsletters. They post their weekly newspaper articles so their followers and subscribers aren’t missing out.

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Another way that is important to market your E-Newsletter is by hosting event booths at special events – That way people will notice what company you are promoting in person. What is event marketing? According to Marketo, “Event marketing describes the process of developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization leveraging in-person engagement. Events can occur online or offline, and can be participated in, hosted, or sponsored. The promotion of these activities can occur through various inbound and outbound marketing techniques.” Beacon Media News for instance, participates in local community events and they use a spin wheel game to grab people’s attention. Once people play the game and win different prizes, team members of the company promote their newspapers and ask any questions they have.

– Courtesy illustration

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The last marketing strategy for E-Newsletters is promoting the E-Newsletters by using website subscriber forms. The information subscribers receive is easily to be accessed through email and digital marketing. How so? Because most people are always on their desktop or phones all the time on a daily basis. Marketing E-Newsletters onto company websites improves the numbers of views and engagements with the E-Newsletters. An example to marketing E-Newsletters is Beacon Media News. The company has a highly visible e-newsletter subscriber form on each of  its publication websites, letting viewers know why they should subscribe.

After reading about how to market your E-Newsletter, it’s important to understand some of the key reasons to help promote your businesses E-Newsletters. Social Media, events, and website subscriber forms will always be three important marketing strategies.

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