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Zodiac Beauty + Grooming Guide: Hello, Libra Season


Before we reduce everyone to his/her Zodiac sign, allow us to explain:

We believe that styling yourself according to your astrological affiliation connects you to your you-est you—the version of yourself that the universe recognizes. We’re keen on the thought that the sun placement at the time of your birth (aka your sun sign) does, in many respects, mold your identity.

Presumably, most Angelenos already know what their sign is—even casual observers of the zodiac wince at the word Gemini—but how does it translate into one’s personal aesthetic? Well, in an effort to ascribe an visual likeness to each sign, we consider the habits and tendencies of each archetype and develop them into a sartorial concept. Categories are fun.

It’s Libra season, guys. In case you’re outta the loop, Libra’s the sign we turn to in order to regulate ugly and re-invent pretty. This means that theres’ no better time than now to switch up our beauty routine.

We’ve compiled a list of sign-specific tips to channel your flawless inner Libra spirit this fall:


copper hair


Go red or go home. You claim to be such a risk taker/ statement maker― put your money where your scalp is. Currently, we’re into a warmer orange hue—think pumpkin spice hair. But fear not rams, Aries have been known to be good at handling attention. In fact, we can almost guarantee that you’ll never want to go back. A good old Ferria box “Power Copper” can do the trick. That, or a trip over to the color wizards at The Well.


cocovict face mask


Let go of all bad chakra, at least, on your face. A detoxifying face mask is just what you need to purge. Cocovit, a coconut charcoal ayurvedic mask is a natural magnet for toxins, impurities, and excess oils. Hell, just make a night of it and light some sage.



Tired of ombré? Us too.. but in our hair. Ombré lips are still something to talk about, you chatty Gemini.

Accentuate your pout with a little color dimension with a two-toned lip color like Topshop’s “Astound”. This is a trend we support, but in any other case, be ultra selective with what you follow. And whatever you do, just promise that you’ll stay away from nail art. We know a Gemini loves a playful mani, but it’s overkill. Death to nail art.


chakra by nova



Nostalgia is your middle name, and nothing summons a memory quite like a familiar smell. Take this opportunity to catalog this season’s best moments with a signature scent. Think something that balances both feminine and masculine tones, like the unisex scent “Chakra” by Nova which combines a blend of rose, tobacco, leather, and wood.


lime crime eyebrow


As much pride as you take in your mane, the main event is now the follicles on your face…your brow game! Admit it, you’re flattered when someone compliments your brows. So get it on, lions, and amp it up with a metallic tint while you’re at it. Lime Crime has both a silver and gold liquid liner that should do the trick for only $14.

aesop toner



Virgos can appreciate starting with a clean slate—and certainly can also appreciate good packaging. It’s all about a flawless canvas. Smooth, balance, and even out your skin with the Aesop’s Parsley Seed Antioxidant Toner.





Libra, you pretty little thing. Though you’re quite hard to please, you might me mauved by this color. Tarte’s “Exposed” is a dusty mauve lip tint with a matte finish, a staple that’s perfect for everyday use or layering with other shades. It doesn’t dry out your lips like most matte colors do, and it looks impossibly good with everything. Trust.






We can think of nothing better than a raw coffee grind body exfoliant for the sign that is best served dark and often comes on a little strong. This fall, let’s strip you down to your smoothest skin yet.


st tropez



Just because summer has officially come to a close doesn’t mean you’re ready to give up your golden skin. Once the pool parties end and the Pumpkin Lattes begin, it’s time to start using a daily gradual tanner.

St. Tropez makes some pretty legit products for both face and body to keep you looking like you just hiked griffith even if you’ve been in bed watching Netflix all day with your animals. Fake it ’till you make it.


rodin olio



Attn: practical goats, we want to encourage a product and practice that is all inclusive: Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil will carry your skin through the dryer months with a glow. Not much else is needed, so investing is worth it! Most Capricorns don’t tend to cake on the makeup, so this will enhance your natural look without goop and shmutz.


aquarian soul salt



Hey, Aquarians—why not submerge yourself into a magic bath? You are the water bearer, after all. A holistic soak with therapeutic Moon Priestess Pink Salt Soak by Aquarians Soul will be the perfect neo-new age beauty tip. This should be a frivolous treat. Time to step of your soap box and into the bath tub.

good night dust


You love a nightly routine: a time to wind down, let go of your daily troubles, and escape into a realm of fantasy. Let ‘Goodnight Dust’ by Moon Juice be an aid in your nocturnal fancies. It promotes natural melatonin release and stabilizes REM cycles. Add this natural tranquilizer to any beverage of your choice, and the next day wake up feeling renewed and refreshed.



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