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Try these alternatives to the traditional bride’s dress

by Guest Contributor
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We’re looking at ideas that you walk down the aisle in that aren’t the standard white dress.

The pantsuit bride

This one is a good option for those that want to buck the gender normative trend. Maybe you just like the power a trouser suit will give, or maybe you’re trying to make a point. Either way, you can look into a trouser and blazer combo.

The middle ground: You can even out the femininity in a sharp suit with the large shoulder pads with a lacy or corseted bodice.

The Athena bride

To describe this dress, for lack of a better word, think toga. Think flowing fabrics in bunched layers and very light material. Think of a white sundress for a less formal look than a traditional ball gown. Think ‘Grecian goddess’ instead of ‘puffy princess’.

The middle ground: You can bring it into the new age with a deep V-neck, which is growing in popularity across dress styles.

The flapper bride

Who doesn’t want to bring the roaring 20s back into fashion? From unique engagement ring settings to flapper skirts, the bridal world is the perfect place to explore the full glitz and glamor of the era. 

The first rule of a flapper dress is a shorter skirt. Throw out the hoop frames and bustling skirts and go simple with a skirt that comes above the knee. The second rule is then, of course, pizzazz. Lace, sequins, fringes, and anything else you can think of is on the table. 

The middle ground: If you think you’ve pushed it too far, you can look into a dress with a short pencil skirt for an easy way to pull back and for more of an elegant look.

The sultry bride

There are a lot of brides’ dress trends right now that center around the idea of adding a little more excitement to the dress. As we’ve mentioned, there are the deep V-necks that could make J-Lo blush, but there are also thigh-high slits in the skirts and all (strategic) lace dresses.

The middle ground: Like anything else sultry, it’s all about balance. Balance a thigh-high slit with more coverage on the arms or balance a deep V-neck with a floor-length skirt. The possibilities are endless.

The minimalist bride

There is a statement made about the simplest dress. A sleek, ankle-length evening dress that happens to be white would make quite the statement. Strappy arms, square neck, no frills.

The middle ground: If you think it’s too simple you can remember the golden rule of fashion: accessorize. Dress it up with your veil, a flower crown, or anything else that takes your fancy.

The rainbow bride

Maybe you think your complexion doesn’t lend itself to white, maybe you’re trying to make a point. Either way, if you don’t fancy white, don’t wear white. You don’t need to prove anything to Grandma. And there are lots of options out there. Frankly, you could wear any dress at all and be a bride, but for the luxury and sophisticated style that weddings traditionally demand, you might want to go for a jewel tone, like ruby, emerald, or sapphire.

The middle ground: There are off-white dresses stocked in bride stores for a reason. But even that might not suit, since you might as well wear white then. No, if you want something a little brighter, but not as showy, look into pastel tones like baby blues and pinks for a romantic dress for a romantic day. 

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