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Tips for Live Streaming Content 

by Faith Walls
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Popular platforms like Twitch that are specially designed for streaming have gained significant popularity over the years. Live streaming content is a way for creators to humanize their process and give their audience a window into their personality. Virtual streams are a raw way to connect with your following while conveying relevant information about your brand. If you’re brave enough to flip the “live” switch, use these five tips to effectively live stream content. 

5 Tips for Live Streaming Content

1. Have a Purpose

Before you hit “live” on your Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook stream, be sure you have a reason for your stream. Schedule a set time to start your live and clearly communicate this with your audience. As you promote your upcoming live stream, let your followers know what to expect when they tune in. 

Livestreams are ideal for announcing a new product or collection launch and for sharing future business goals. You can also use it to recommend a helpful tip that is relative to your field of expertise. If you want to help your audience feel involved, host a Q&A session on your live stream. Be sure to give your followers plenty of notice and an opportunity to submit their questions. 

2. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare 

The best way to ensure your live stream goes off without a hitch is to prepare thoroughly. Most personalities are not naturally inclined to effectively improvise in the moment, and even those who can benefit from a little preparation. Sketch out the structure of your live to keep yourself on task in the moment. Write clear talking points to help guide the conversation and keep your audience engaged. 

3. Test Your Live Stream 

Testing your virtual live is a key element to success. Use a backup account to run through a mock version of your live streaming session. It is ideal to keep extra equipment close at hand as well, such as an extra laptop, charging cables, and microphone. When testing your live stream, check to ensure that your audio is clear, the background is well lit, and there are no distractions. Run through some of the points you intend to make on your stream so you feel comfortable articulating all your thoughts. 

4. Save Your Live for Future Views

It is not uncommon for viewers to miss the memo with your scheduled live stream. Different time zones and conflicting schedules can make it difficult for your entire audience to tune in as it is happening. Plan to save a copy of your live stream across your platforms before you even launch your video. Instagram has the ability to share snippets of your live on stories (including Facebook stories), allow the video to be shared among users, and save your video to an Instagram highlight. Facebook live allows you to post a recorded version of your live to your feed. TikTok allows content creators to view, replay, and download a copy of their live stream for up to 90 days after its launch.

5. Keep the Conversation Going

The adage “only speak if you have something to say” is an applicable one when it comes to social media live streaming. With the average adult’s attention span clocking in at less than eight seconds, you want every piece of content to be lively and attention-grabbing. This applies to your Instagram, TikTok, Facebook live streams. If you have another person tuning in to chat it up with you, do your part to keep the conversation relevant and audience-focused. For those flying solo on their live feed, stick to your itinerary and work to keep your screen time concise and to the point. 

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