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Attorney Refutes getting $600,000 in fees for Pinnock Case

by Terry Miller
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By Terry Miller
There has been a good deal of publicity accusing an attorney of getting paid too much in a settlement case of a mentally challenged individual who was beaten by a CHP officer last year .
Attorney Caree Harper was found in contempt of court recently in the settlement hearing and was ordered two days jail time.
A Facebook post from a supporter of attorney Caree Harper drew supporters of Caree Harper to Judge Otis Wright II’s courtroom in mid-March and asked him to explain why found ( Harper) in contempt of court recently involving the case of the homeless woman beaten by a CHP officer last year.
Wright, who presided over the civil rights lawsuit between Harper’s client, Marlene Pinnock, and the California Highway Patrol, resented the allegation he had unfairly questioned Harper regarding a settlement that procured Harper more than $600,000 – part of the Pinnock v. CHP $1.5-million disbursement.
The CHP Officer, Daniel Andrew, who dealt heavy blows to Pinnock on the Santa Monica Freeway, resigned from the force as part of the settlement and has not be charged with any crime.
The judge admonished Harper’s fee saying that the case was settled quickly and such a fee was excessive. Wright said Harper’s fee was “unconscionable.”
“Ms. Pinnock, in my opinion, has been exploited,” Wright added. Harper denies receiving $600,000 from this case.
“I don’t know how much clearer to make it: I did NOT receive over 600,000 for the representation of Ms. Pinnock. That amount quoted by the judge and the Los Angeles newspaper is incorrect yet they continue to repeat it,” Harper told Beacon Media Friday afternoon.

Local attorney Caree Harper ( who was counsel for the the McDade family following the OIS death of Kendrec McDade) spoke with Beacon Media about the controversy over the fee she received from the Pinnock case and firmly defends her professional dignity.
“I have a long and proud history of public service and pro bono work. My legal fees in the Pinnock case were misrepresented by the judge I did not receive over $600K for this case. That amount was incorrectly quoted by the judge and a Los Angeles newspaper. Not only were my fees reasonable but lower than what other lawyers charge for similar cases. My client is not only very satisfied with my work but disappointed with D.A. Lacey for failing to #ChargeDanielAndrewNow. A responsible non-retaliatory inquiry would have been done in July of last year and not just after I filed a claim to sue the County on Ms Pinnock’s behalf.”
Carre Harper said in an email the Beacon Media on Friday.

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