fbpx Residents Urge Police Chief/ Mayor to Look into Allegations of “Terrorist Death Threats” made by Monrovia Councilman Spicer - Hey SoCal. Change is our intention.
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Home / Neighborhood / San Gabriel Valley / Monrovia Weekly / Residents Urge Police Chief/ Mayor to Look into Allegations of “Terrorist Death Threats” made by Monrovia Councilman Spicer

Residents Urge Police Chief/ Mayor to Look into Allegations of “Terrorist Death Threats” made by Monrovia Councilman Spicer

by Staff
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By Terry Miller

Five families have come forward publicly to question Monrovia Councilman Larry Spicer’s alleged bullying, death threats and racial slurs.

According to one resident on East Atara, Spicer made racial comments and cussed at her granddaughters and claims Spicer threatened to kill all of them.

A letter was sent to Chief of Police Jim Hunt on May 7, 2012 describing, in detail, how Spicer allegedly scared Donna Williams and said that in addition to the death threats, he called her a ‘white bitch’. The letter goes on to say that Spicer intimidates the family and has done so for years and urges the police dept. to look into the matter.

Mario Duarte, another resident of the cul-de-sac where Spicer resides, said Mrs. Spicer had visited their home on three occasions due to domestic violence. Duarte said that Larry Spicer’s wife ( Delphine) went to their house crying after she was “cussed out and soaked with a high pressure hose.”

Julie Sanchez claims that Spicer approached her 5 or 6 years ago with a stick in his hand in a “threatening manner and making verbal threats.” Sanchez claims Spicer has a habit of making racial comments; is very much a bully threatening her clients and taking pictures and “tried to convince clients not to enroll their children in Sanchez’ Day Care.”

There are other allegations of neighbor disputes which include cutting trees at 111 East Atara. Michael Vallejo alleges Spicer used vulgar remarks and (Spicer) was deeply upset that Vallejo called the police about his actions on his property.

Another neighbor, Ms. Medina claims Spicer called her a “white Bitch” when she approached the Councilman about their property line. Medina claims he told her to “mind your own business.”

In a written statement to the Chief of police and this newspaper, the five families who are going on the record claim Spicer is “ like a bad storm and we have no idea when or where he will strike.” The letter continues, “He’s a 57 year old man who is still a bully.”

The letter also says Spicer made “Terrorist Death Threats” against a grandmother and her two pre-teen granddaughters in addition to calling another neighbor a racially derogatory “wetback.”

The letter goes on to claim Councilman Spicer is a “menace and that the residents are victims of civil harassment.” In closing, the letter urges Mayor Lutz, and the entire city staff to remove Spicer from the Council

Another resident and neighbor of Spicer, Jim Derozier said that “Larry just has a way of making your life miserable.” Derozier said that he witnessed council-member Spicer, “Go after Gabe Sanchez in the middle of the cul-de-sac. He (Spicer) just has an aggressive nature.” Derozier said. Derozier also indicated that he has witnessed other intimidation techniques used by Spicer which include “revving his engine in a threatening manner.”

The above mentioned neighbors believe Spicer should step down and is not a good representative for the city or its well-being.

Mike Vallejo told Beacon Media he wasn’t going to be quiet anymore, he’s going to let Beacon know that the City Manager Laurie Lile called him personally (before the last city council meeting) and said “What would it take for you NOT to show up at the meeting?”

When contacted by this newspaper, City Manager Laurie Lile said she was “disappointed” in Vallejo’s interpretation of her phone call to him. ”First, I would never have used those terms,” she said. “My call was not an attempt to get him not to come to the City Council Meeting. I called him to get him to tell him to tell me how he felt the problem in his neighborhood could be resolved,” Lile explained.

Spicer is slated to make a statement at Tuesday’s meeting.
See attached PDF of some of the neighbors complains against
the temporary councilmember:


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