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Deja News: When Kylie Met Gala

Hey SoCal! This past week, Kylie Jenner served Mets-couture at the Met Gala. And for more News You may have missed,  Mike Ciriaco is bringing it back to your brain with this week’s Deja News!

| Photo courtesy of chrisinphilly5448/Flickr

LA City Counsel ordered testing near a former toxic dump site.

The Los Angeles City Council Wednesday voted to begin off-site testing of wastewater, storm water and soil near a Lincoln Heights development project following reporting over the weekend about the site’s toxic dumping history.

The motion, which was both introduced by Councilman Gil Cedillo and passed by council members Wednesday, cited Los Angeles Times reporting from Saturday about investigators with the District Attorney’s Office’s former Los Angeles Hazardous Waste Task Force finding 252 barrels filled with toxic chemicals buried at the site in 1984.

Christina Marlene showed us how to decorate our dens.

Coffee tables might be a bit ho-hum if you don’t think of them much, but Christina Marlene reminds us that they can really tie a room together with some extra work. Not sure how to make your coffee table work for you? Unsure of how your coffee table fits with the theme of your room? Indecisive as to how much you want to adorn the coffee table? Don’t worry, Christina Marlene does her best to help style our coffee tables!

Irwindale got medieval with the return of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Hey SoCal! Last weekend, SoCal natives got absolutely medieval taking part in the 60th annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire. So, we sent our photographer Jason Kentaro to the enchanted land of Irwindale to document the festivities. Prithee enjoy thine pictures, SoCal!

We’ll be bringing it back to your brain next Friday with another Deja News. Until then, support your sisters, SoCal!

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