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Hey Media Code of Ethics

Hey Media’s editorial team strives every day to deliver accurate, thoughtful, and impactful news to communities across the Southland. In the digital media world, misinformation is pervasive, and now, more than ever, journalists need to form the vanguard who maintain the balance of truth wherever news is disseminated. Hey Media leads with its principles and always prioritizes integrity in its reporting. 

To abdicate honesty is to be undone.

Hey Media holds its staff to the utmost standards of professionalism and ethics because integrity on the front page starts with integrity in the newsroom. 


Our goal is to inform the populace. In order to do so, accuracy will always remain at the front of our minds. Every aspect of our publication, from front page to back, lede to kicker, will be gathered, confirmed, and inked with truth. 

  • We will not poach the original work of others. When we source, we attribute. 
  • We do not alchemize. True journalism does not come from whole cloth. We will always show our work. 
  • We will always be upfront about our intentions. Our newsroom will always speak clearly of our aims and represent ourselves without obfuscation. 
  • We will always own our mistakes. If an error is made, it will be amended. 


The stories we tell will not undergo a chemical change in between the interview on the street and the feature on the homepage. Bearing this guiding precept in mind, our newsroom will also safeguard the wellbeing of our subjects. 

Our publication will always empower and never punch down.  

We will protect those who are marginalized and respect those whose voices are too often drowned out.

  • Juveniles, if interviewed, will always be protected. Permission from a parent or guardian will always be acquired before a story is published.
  • Those with health conditions will be protected. Before a story is published, each person’s background and history will be considered with the eye of a conservator beyond reproach.
  • We will protect the identity of sexual assault survivors and victims of heinous acts. 
  • Personal privacy will never be wantonly disregarded. 
  • We will respect the deceased. We will always be sensitive toward our subjects, in life and in passing. 


We will deliver the news with balance, carving a path free from the magnetism of any one chamber of influence. 

The intention of a published work will always be made clear. 

  • A column’s distinguishing genetic trait is opinion. A column will never be dressed up like a news piece. 
  • News articles will present the facts and preserve the true narrative.
  • Conflicts of interest will always be made clear. 

Speech, especially on one’s own behalf, will always be preserved. 

  • A person in the news has the right to a say in their story. We will make the effort to give news subjects a fair shake at a response.
  •  “Gotcha” isn’t in our vocabulary. 
  • Quotes will never be edited in a manner that redefines the spirit of the words. 

AI in the Newsroom

HeySoCal editors periodically utilize HeyWire AI’s tools for research and writing assistance for some articles. No article is ever published without human editorial supervision and approval.

This ethics document will be reviewed and readily available for all members of the HeySoCal staff.

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