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Weekend Heatwave Blasts SoCal

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As this week’s heatwave peaks in SoCal, expect the beaches to be crowded and for temperatures to stay high all over, especially in the desert.

Palm Springs is entering-triple digit territory prompting an excessive heat warning by the National Weather Service. Residents should take care when going outside by wearing durable footwear and using plenty of sunblock. 

Sunburn is no joke, so dress appropriately to mitigate the chance of getting cooked by the sun. If possible, find air-conditioned buildings and avoid going outside if you can help it:

Palm Springs Forecast:

| Screenshot taken at The Weather Channel

L.A, Lightly Toasted

Los Angeles itself is holding steady with its own temperatures staying in the double digits. The numbers are slowly increasing, drifting into the late 80s; you can expect things to heat up in the coming weeks, however:

Los Angeles Forecast

| Screenshot taken at The Weather Channel

Protect The Dogs, Limit Walks

Pasadena itself is following suit with its own incoming heatwave this weekend. Residents can expect things to heat up.

Residents should stay hydrated and keep their pets out of the heat as often as possible. Dogs, in particular, shouldn’t go out in intense heat as the risk of heat stroke increases with hotter weather:

Pasadena Forecast

| Screenshot taken at The Weather Channel

Stay Safe While Having Summer Fun

Compared to the last 10-day forecast, summer is definitely here, so definitely take advantage and enjoy some summer activities. Make sure you find ways to beat the heat at home and while you’re out and about. Maybe go to a mall if you don’t have air conditioning of your own. 

They have plenty of air conditioning and it’s completely free. Though, expect others to have the same idea and crowd up the stores for some relief from the heat. 

You can reach Eloin Barahona-Garcia at eloin@beaconmedianews.com.

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