fbpx Here are the top-selling used cars in the Los Angeles metro area
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Here are the top-selling used cars in the Los Angeles metro area

by Stacker
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CoPilot analyzed national sales data to uncover the 50 top-selling used cars in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA metro area.

Analyzing the top-selling used cars in the Los Angeles metro area reveals a fascinating mix — a focus on fuel efficiency for battling traffic, a touch of luxury for a touch of Hollywood glamor and a hint of adventure for exploring the surrounding beauty. Let’s delve deeper into the trends and highlights that shape the choices of Southern California drivers — from brand preferences to pricing considerations and the subtle electric revolution!

| Image courtesy of Copilot/Stacker

The 50 top-selling used cars in the Los Angeles metro area

Los Angeles, the land of glitz, glam and perpetual sunshine, offers a used car market as diverse as its sprawling landscape. Whether you’re a Hollywood hopeful, a beach bum or a busy professional, there’s a pre-owned ride waiting to match your LA lifestyle.

Fuel efficiency reigns supreme. Used Toyota Camrys in Los Angeles take the #1 spot, closely followed by Honda Accords and Civics. Sedans dominate the top of the list, perfectly suited for navigating the sprawling city and crawling through rush hour.

The presence of the Toyota Prius, a hybrid hatchback, highlights a growing environmental consciousness, likely driven by rising gas prices or a desire for cleaner air.

However, LA isn’t all about practicality. The inclusion of luxury brands like BMW 3 Series, Lexus RX, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class reflects a niche market that prioritizes a touch of sophistication, even in a pre-owned car.

Interestingly, minivans like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna remain popular, catering to families who value practicality and space alongside a bit of Hollywood style.

Crossovers are the champions of versatility, offering the perfect compromise for many Angelenos. The ever-popular Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V provide enough space for weekend adventures to the beach or mountains while remaining nimble for city streets.

For those who need even more room, the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot provide some extra spaciousness for LA families.

The adventurous spirit of Southern California peeks through with the inclusion of trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford F-150. Popular rugged vehicles go beyond trucks, with the presence of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Toyota 4Runner, showcasing a desire for vehicles that can handle both the daily commute and off-road excursions.

Understanding these trends empowers potential car buyers in Los Angeles to navigate the used car market with confidence. Whether you crave a fuel-efficient sedan for battling traffic, a versatile SUV for exploring the coast, or a touch of luxury for a touch of Hollywood flair, the LA used car market offers a diverse range of options to match your unique SoCal lifestyle.

The list of top-selling used cars was created with CoPilot’s proprietary PricePulse data, which monitors the online inventory of virtually every dealer in the country, every day. The vehicles sold in the area were tracked and aggregated. The data was then ranked from highest to lowest in terms of sales to create the top 50 top-selling used cars list.

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This story was produced by CoPilot and reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media.The article was copy edited from its original version.

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