fbpx LA schools and the current COVID reality
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LA schools and the current COVID reality

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Social life; dining; dating; — every single aspect of one’s personal life has changed drastically for everyone with the biennial pandemic. In particular, both workplaces and schools have had to drastically revamp how everyone has had to exist in those spaces.

Many workplaces have integrated at-home or hybrid work into their routine and schools have had to acclimate students to managing COVID alongside their studies. 

With the school year starting this month for many students, parents should be made aware of changes made to campus life that will begin for country schools Monday, Aug. 15. 

COVID rules have been relaxed

At the height of the pandemic, students were obligated to follow various rules to protect themselves and others against infection. Required masking and testing all had to be adhered to for returning students in the 2021-22 school year. While many took issue with the strict guidelines, the school year progressed as normal. 

With the falling hospitalization rates and steadying infection rates, changes have already taken place for LA County and other parts of the state. 

Mask mandates have been relaxed and testing has adjusted accordingly for the current trajectory of the pandemic. Schools have followed suit and have made adjustments for the future. 

The Los Angeles School District (LAUSD) has released their updated rules for the upcoming school year. Schools will not have to enforce mask rules for students, only strongly recommending they be worn. 

Testing is now only relegated to anyone who has come into contact with someone who’s been infected or is showing symptoms themselves. 

Students will stay vigilant

The Daily Pass system that was introduced to students last year will continue to be used to monitor students’ conditions accordingly. 

Vaccinations, infections and test results will continue to be logged into the app. The only change to the Daily Pass will be that students won’t need to use the QR code function to enter campus.

COVID infections will be handled much like in many other places in Los Angeles; students are to log in their positive test into their Daily Pass and quarantine as needed. 

Students can still attend school if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, provided they don’t show any symptoms. 

The pandemic has turned many aspects of life upside down, but the ever-changing nature of the pandemic has ensured a state of flux. Students will still be contending with the pandemic on campus, but with less regulation in every aspect of their lives.

For any parents that are concerned about the status of the school that their child attends, they can go to achieve.lausd.net/covidreportcard for more information. 

You can reach Eloin Barahona-Garcia at eloin@beaconmedianews.com. 

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