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See the Bright Future for Solar

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By Brenda J. Trainor

No, you don’t have to wear shades to learn more about innovations in the solar power industry, you just need to register to attend the April meeting of MADIA Tech Launch that will be held online, Wednesday April 14, 2021, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 

The speaker will be Dr. John Ianelli, the founder and president of Caelux.

To be clear, nothing is being sold at this latest MADIA event, this is not a way to get an estimate for solar panels on the roof of your house. Rather this a learning and networking event for anyone interested in learning more about the technology community in our region. 

Caelux is a venture capital-backed solar technology company originally spun out of the California Institute of Technology. Ianelli’s presentation, “Leveraging Innovations: How Caelux is Disrupting the Global Solar Industry,” will provide insights about the company’s history and the evolution of the increasingly important solar power industry. 

Advance registration is required to participate in this Zoom presentation (sign up here) about innovative technologies that can improve the efficiency of solar panels. MADIA encourages engagement among participants even in a virtual setting with conversations and networking opportunities before and after the formal presentation that begins at 7 p.m. 

Incorporated back in 2011, Caelux has focused on developing and commercializing a unique and proprietary technology that can dramatically reduce the cost of solar deployments. The technology is compatible with all existing solar panels and offers a means of increasing efficiency by 30% or more. Innovations from researchers and companies like Caelux are instrumental to the growth of the increasingly important photovoltaic industry. 

Caelux is one of many local innovative technology companies that are born and thrive here in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley and that are highlighted in regular events hosted by MADIA Tech Launch, a nonprofit organization. Serving six cities surrounding the 605 and the 210 freeways, the mission of MADIA is to ensure the region’s technical, scientific, and industrial workforce is connected and has the tools they need to be successful. MADIA provides educational programs in entrepreneurship, business finance/operations, and technology development and commercialization in settings which encourage networking and collaboration among participants. And if you want to, go ahead and wear shades to this event — MADIA Tech is cool with that.    

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