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Six Test Kitchen is a Foodie’s Dream

– Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

Six Test Kitchen, in Paso Robles, is a dining experience like no other in the heart of Tin City. Expect to be impressed and thrilled, as each of the 14 courses are presented. The food and sophistication are astounding, even to the most experienced, well-traveled foodie.

Six Test Kitchen is a Setting Unlike Anything I Have Experienced

– Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

A beautiful wood bar wraps around a stainless-steel kitchen where culinary magicians prepare an extraordinary 14-course meal composed of one-of-a-kind dishes, both visual art and taste sensations.

Best Fine Dining Experience in Paso Robles 

Squid ink chicharrón with smoked cream. – Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

Watching Chef Ricky Odbert choreograph dinner creations reminded me of a mad scientist at work whipping up masterpieces a few feet away. It was a show in itself, watching Ricky’s teamwork in synchronized harmony. Each dish is placed in front of each guest in unison. Every moment is intense, exciting and your senses come alive with the anticipation of what’s next.

 Food That Delights the Senses 

Chicken liver pie with rhubarb and elderflower. – Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

I’ll give you a taste of the dishes that wowed us but know that the menu continuously changes as the seasons and local offerings avail. Everything about your night out at Six Test Kitchen is thrilling and worth the price of admission.

Expect to pay about $200 per person and an extra $75 per person to add wine pairing for your guests.

Attention to Detail

Fennel milkshake. – Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

The meticulous attention to detail by the team of chefs was awe-inspiring. To be that precise, with that level of attention, is remarkable and the proof is in the, well, in the cooking.

The opportunity to watch the chefs as they are creating only enhances the anticipation quotient.

The squid ink chicharrónes with smoked cream was a great twist on a classic chicharrón. This was the first course we were served and all of us were amazed. After a few more amazing courses, there was one that caught the attention of most of us. We were served the ajo blanco, celery, almond, with green, strawberry cold soup. When many people think of soup they think that it must be warm. Not in this case. This cold soup was delicious and refreshing.

This was a great segue into our main courses of the meal.

Service Extraordinaire

Candy cap and bay leaf caramel. – Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

Dining in style and being treated like rock stars is what you can be expect at Six Test Kitchen. If you’ve opted to include wine pairings with your 14-course exquisite dishes, your taste buds will do the happy dance.

Save Room for Delectable Desserts

– Courtesy photo / Donna Polizzi

Each of us was given this amazing looking tart with the most beautiful colors. This was a chicken liver pie with rhubarb and elderflower. It was exceptional.

One of my most favorite desserts was the wild fennel milkshake. This milkshake was not served in a glass, but on a stick.

At the end of the stick was a white chocolate-coated sphere. We were instructed to place the stick in our mouths and pull them out fast. With all our eyebrows raised, Ricky insisted this was how you ate this dessert. This dessert just melted in your mouth and felt like you had just taken a drink out of a milkshake.

Our last dessert was a candy cap, a caramel wrapped in a bay leaf. The presentation of this dessert was amazing, satisfied the palate and offered a perfect amount of crunch.

We can’t stress enough how much you need to experience Six Test Kitchen. It will dazzle and delight you.

Contact Ricky@sixtestkitchen.com to make your reservation and express dietary restrictions. Guests can dine Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment only. Two seating times per evening are available for up to 12 guests. It is a true dining event, so allow 2-3 hours for your experience. Your dinner location, at 3075 Blue Rock Road, Unit B, in Paso Robles, California is an experience you’ll never forget.

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