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Pup Play gets ‘Ruff’ at Chewi’s Kennel

Hey SoCal! This week, the monthly pup play party Chewi’s Kennel returned to Bullet Bar in North Hollywood. So we sent photographer Jason Kentaro to photograph this puppy playdate. Partygoers got fully leashed up in their gear to have a good time with others of their breed. Who’s a good boy? Everyone in these pictures!

Meet the Mutts

Host for the night: Pup Keiran Hound.
Pup icon Taylor Barker.
Michael Chagoya (aka Noodle) ready to play.
Chewi’s Kennel dominating the back patio of The Bullet.

Doggy Style

Scooby Snacks For The Pack

Mosh Pit

Group pictures of the whole pup crew.

For more on SoCal pup-play, check out this article by our own Mike Ciriaco:

Here’s a quick excerpt: “I can’t think of one person I’ve ever met who hasn’t interacted with a real dog,” explained Pup Kieran Hound, sitting on the apron of the stage in Pasadena Park. “There’s just something bubbly and cute and confusing and infuriating and absolutely so purely lovable about the spirit of the dog. Pup play to me is taking that spark of magic channeling experience, someone understudying the mannerisms, and channeling that through their play.”

Although Kieran now enjoys a healthy relationship with the pup side of her personality, she initially suffered from the stigma associated with many kink subcultures.

“Before I came into kink, I’m coming on my 10th year even knowing about kink and BDSM, I thought fetish was actually a type of medical tic that was a problem. Like something someone had to do to feel normal. And realizing that’s actually how being gay was defined in medical text books. I hadn’t even realized how much of that history was affecting my feeling about kink. It was something deviant, something wrong. Normal, functional people don’t do that.”

Stay scruffy SoCal!

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