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Do I Need Videos for My Social Content?

These days, video content is nearly expected from most, if not all content creators contributing to the digital space. It is truly the era of pristinely edited five-second TikToks and 30-second musically charged Instagram Reels. The basic desire for brand videographers has ebbed and flowed over the past decade. However, in 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video viewership. While this likely had to do with the dire global straits of the last two years, the demand has yet to run out. Surveys reveal that nine out of ten consumers want to see more brand-produced videos in their social content. 

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. You probably do not want to be operating a clapperboard in your free time (lights, camera, action!). However, your brand’s social content could certainly benefit from incorporating videos into your current strategy. These tips and tricks are sure to help you and your team get started in the right direction. 

Keep Things Short and Sweet

They say that the modern-day adult attention span (8 seconds) is shorter than a goldfish (9 seconds). Considering that you are likely not marketing to the aquatic world, your content needs to be both attention-grabbing and attention-retaining. Just because TikTok and Instagram allow 60 seconds for video content does not mean you have to use up every moment. The adage “speak when you have something to say” bodes well in this instance. Clarify your vision before you pick up your camera and utilize every second to your advantage. 

Use Search Engine Optimization to Your Advantage

The almighty algorithm truly determines the effectiveness of your video content. Factors such as consistent posting, concise organization, viewability, and appropriate hashtag usage will help you achieve maximum viewership. Creating compelling captions and cliffhanger plotlines keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more. While you are at it, track your audience interactions to better understand the demographic that responds to your content. Explore posting at different times of the day and recording various lengths of videos. Keep an eye on the information you learn and use it to better strategize future video social content sharing. 

Maximize Trending Topics

TikTok is likely the social content platform best known for catchy trends. The obsessively coordinated dances and quirky soundbites are truly music to their audience’s ears. These fun viral videos are more than just a way to pass an hour (or three). TikTok understands that people are privy to current happenings and rapid-fire media. With such a firehose of content, social media platforms and brands must position themselves as the ultimate source. It is no secret that most consumers get their headline news insights whilst scrolling through their social feed. As a brand owner, you want to be the one to distribute and respond to the most recent topics occurring virtually and beyond. Keep an eye out for music trends and circulating hashtags as you drum up new ideas to pitch to your social content team.

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