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8 Best Ways to Market With Snapchat

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Notoriously associated with rapid fire correspondence, over the top face filters, and less than virtuous photo exchanges, Snapchat offers its users a safe space to casually chat with peers. With its disappearing messages and screenshot/screen recording alerts, the app allows for instantaneous interaction with minimal responsibility. 

Snapchat dates back to 2012, scarily making it nearly a decade old, to most millennials’ horror. As its ten year anniversary nears, the app may not be the highest priority for its original user pool. Last year in fact, Snapchat shrunk by three million users, only to barely recover by increasing users from 188 to 191 daily. It is also likely not high on the radar for businesses’ social media marketing strategies. As you examine your digital marketing budget, you probably wonder if Snapchat is even worth incorporating into your social plan. 

Is Snapchat Marketing Still Relevant?

If your target demographic falls marginally within the ages of 13 to 31, then Snapchat marketing applies to you. While Gen Z may be picking up where the “elder Millennials” left off, there are still plenty of active participants in this virtual space. Despite the fluctuating number of users, statistics show that the ones who stuck around are still consistent in their engagement on the platform. 

So where does one start when it comes to Snapchat Marketing? A quick stop on the Discover page might come with sensory overload as you scroll past boisterous brand videos, dramatic faux text exchanges revealing a cheating lover, and Bitmoji themed stories. In this internet gumbo pot, how can you get your brand to stand out among competitors and capture user attention? Read on for eight tips that are sure to help your Snapchat business account achieve optimal engagement on the platform. 

8 Best Ways to Market With Snapchat

  1. Create Precise and Engaging Content. 

Snapchat’s quick on the draw content stream makes for a seller’s market when it comes to brand advertisement. Statistics show that Snapchatters are up to 60% more likely to give into an impulse purchase based on products promoted on the app. If you want your ads to linger in the minds of viewers, your content needs to be both precise and engaging. Snapchat is all about momentary decisions, so truly do the most with the seconds you have afloat the endless content stream. 

  1. Develop Interactive Filters for Your Brand.

Fun and funky filters were the original draw of the world of Snapchat. These appearance altering illusions provide endless entertainment as users can explore different hair colors, animal ears, and face transforming features. Of course, right next to the cute puppy dog face, you might find a Mountain Dew themed filter where your irises turn green and a digital plastic cup boasts a full serving of the sweet, carbonated beverage. Filters are an excellent way to flaunt your branding through an interactive user interface.

  1. Cross-Promote Content From Other Platforms

Snapchat works best when paired with campaigns among other social media platforms. It is virtually impossible to climb to the top of Snapchat’s featured brands without cross-promoting content on other pages. Considering how many social media platforms require video-based content, you will save yourself time and energy by using the same or similar video content across Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. 

  1. Partner With Influencers to Facilitate Brand Takeovers 

As you build your following across the platforms, consider collaborating with other creators. One way to do this is through an influencer takeover. If you have already employed the services of an influencer on another social page, consider adding a “Snapchat takeover” into your contract. Influencers already come with their own loyal following and will likely market a Snapchat takeover on their personal page, driving traffic back to your brand.  

  1. Consider Paid Advertising 

Investing financially into your content helps ensure your brand gets placed in front of the most eyes. Your Snapchat advertising cost is completely up to your brand team’s budget. Paid advertising on Snapchat extends to collection ads, customizable filters/lenses, and story ads. Collection ads use tappable tiles that link directly to shopping right from the app. This clean format flawlessly displays your product in a user-friendly (and visually friendly) manner. 

Customizable filters and lenses are an interactive way to get your brand in front of Snapchat users. Within your paid advertising budget, you have the option to pay an additional fee to pay for a sponsored filter to be distributed to your target demographic. 

Story ads are generally full screen graphics with concise details, eye-catching content, and a clear call to action. These ads appear on Snapchat’s Discover page and as branded advertising. 

  1. Educate Yourself on All Features Available on Snapchat

For the brand marketer, Snapchat is a versatile world. Between images, videos, snaps, stories, and in-depth editing of all of the above, you’ll not soon grow bored on the platform. Be sure to experiment with a variety of content as you market your brand and track user engagement to modify future strategies. 

  1. Utilize Story Ads 

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat stories allow for mass distribution of content within a 24 hour span. The Snapchat story feature may include both images and videos, with plenty of tools to edit your final product to perfection. Draw on your picture, type out some text, or add some quirky emojis to spice up your stories before posting.

  1. Offer Discount Codes

People love a good incentive, and an interactive platform is an effective way to distribute something tangible and enticing among followers. Sixteen Handles, a frozen yogurt establishment, revolutionized this process via Snapchat. The creamy dessert company offered a coupon code to users in exchange for a Snap capture of said consumer enjoying the frozen treat. The return Snap included their exclusive coupon code, redeemable at their store locations. This strategy was a win-win for Sixteen Handles, as it not only encouraged virtual engagement, but consumers bought the product before AND after receiving their code.

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