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AG warns Orange gun maker to stop selling ‘illegal assault weapons’

The Attorney General’s Office Friday informed a gun manufacturer in Orange it must stop selling a series of rifles that the agency has deemed are illegal assault weapons.

Luis Lopez, director of the agency’s bureau of firearms, sent a “cease and desist” letter dated Friday to Juggernaut Tactical regarding its “Featureless Series” rifles. At issue are pistol grips on the weapons.

“Juggernaut’s website acknowledges that Juggernaut is trying to effectively rewrite the applicable regulatory definition to make its “Featureless Series” rifles fall outside the definition of an assault weapon, Lopez wrote. “Juggernaut’s website makes clear that the justification for the legality of its ‘Featureless Series’ rifles is based on a regulatory definition that Juggernaut wishes existed, as opposed to the one that currently exists in law.”

Lopez said the company’s F-9, F-10 and F-15 rifles failed to meet the definition of a “semiautomatic firearm” such as a rifle, pistol or shotgun. He said the company was intentionally attempting to “do an end-run around” the law.

Juggernaut did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“Our assault weapons ban is a landmark piece of legislation that has saved the lives of countless Californians — firearms manufacturers can’t ignore the law simply because it suits their bottom line,” Attorney General Rob Bonta said. “Rather than abide by the law, Juggernaut chose to disregard it by manufacturing and selling a series of illegal assault weapons. Today’s cease-and-desist letter is a warning that we hope is heeded so that no further action becomes necessary.”

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