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Warning: If it’s 11AM and you’re already thinking about Foodler, you might want to skip this. Maria Nguyen knows those hunger pangs bellowing deep in your soul better than anyone else. As editor-in-chief at The Art of Plating, Nguyen’s job is to capture momentsof culinary perfection, from conception to completion. To call TAOP a food blog would be simplistic at best: the interactive site is a creative endeavor of epic proportions. Under Nguyen’s watch, the videos, photography, and editorials play to our senses, stoking our insatiable appetite for food porn. TAOP embraces the technology surrounding gastronomy today (case in point: a 3D food printer), but also pays homage to chefs who capture the essence of tradition.

From a delicate cucumber dish to a hearty beef tongue stew, TAOP will deconstruct even the most intricate recipes. It’s a behind-the-swinging-doors look at food as an art form—kind of like watching Bob Ross paint happy trees, only this time you can eat them. And when we say “art,” we mean it (in other words, think twice before sending in a snap of those macaroons you tried to recreate from Pinterest). TAOP features the greatest world-renowned chefs and their masterpieces, from Massimo Bottura’s nostalgic layering technique to Niki Nakayama’s painstaking kaiseki. Inspired by a passion for the innovation behind haute cuisine, Nyugen and her team have created a platform to showcase contemporary masterminds at their best—and to make even novice foodies yearn to get creative in the kitchen.

Photography: Signe Birck


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