fbpx Pasadena mayoral race approaches March 5 Election Day
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Home / News / Politics / Pasadena mayoral race approaches March 5 Election Day

Pasadena mayoral race approaches March 5 Election Day

by HeyWire AI
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With the March 5 election nearing, the Pasadena mayoral race is marked by a sharp division in visions for the city’s future as challenger Allen Shay seeks to unseat incumbent Victor Gordo.

Pasadena voters are poised to choose between continuity with Gordo’s consensus-building approach and Shay’s push for rapid redevelopment and police accountability. Gordo leans on his first-term achievements and crisis management during COVID-19 disruptions, while Shay is critical of the mayor’s style of governance, urging swifter action on affordable housing, homelessness and economic growth.

“What they have right now is a photo op mayor,” Shay said. 

Shay’s platform resonates with his experience as chair of the Lincoln Avenue Steering Committee, promising to accelerate initiatives like the transformation of vacant commercial buildings into affordable housing units.

“It’s been the same policies and issues as the last four mayors,” Shay said. “It’s like Pasadena hasn’t had new leadership for twenty years.” 

Gordo highlighted the transformation of the Kaiser Permanente site into a mental health facility as evidence of his commitment to tackle the city’s deep-rooted issues. His campaign underscored further economic growth, affordable housing, infrastructure renewal and strong partnerships with local educational institutions, like Pasadena City College, as keystones for a second term. 

Meanwhile, his administration’s handling of leadership transitions, including working with multiple police chiefs and city managers, has become a testament to Gordo’s resilience, according to his campaign.

“One of the things I’m most proud of is the positive tone that I believe we’ve set in the city of Pasadena,” he said. “And I commit to residents that I, together with my colleagues on the city council, will work together to improve every aspect of our community, education, business, neighborhoods, and governance.”

The urgency for police oversight reform came into sharp focus as Shay, a vocal advocate for police reform, emphasized the slowness of action, even suggesting a governance structure overhaul to address accountability concerns. 

Gordo, however, commended the moderate reforms made in police oversight over recent years, prioritizing community trust-building.

As election modalities come online, early voting and vote-by-mail options offer voters the convenience to make their voices heard. Increasing voter engagement, especially among communities of color, is front and center, with initiatives like the Let’s Get Every Vote In campaign launched by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder and community partners.

As reported by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune and the San Fernando Valley Sun

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