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The RiDE 7D

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SoCal has so much to offer that we oftentimes overlook the hidden gems. One of those gems is The RiDE 7D, an interactive entertainment venue nestled in the Ontario Mills shopping center. Let’s get into why this spot is a fantastic destination for a little afternoon fun with your group.

What is the RiDE 7D?

The RiDE 7D is an interactive motion ride that propels you through seven different thrilling experiences. Armed with a blaster, 3D glasses, and 7 companions, you’ll cruise through a video game-like world shooting your way to safety and a high score.

The 7 Dimensions

What makes it 7D? The RiDE puts you directly into a fully immersive experience. The first 3 dimensions come from the 3D glasses you’ll wear to make your targets leap off the screen. The next 4 dimensions are Motion, Wind, Interactivity, and Special Effects. When all 7 of these dimensions come together, they guarantee a gripping, thrill-inducing ride.


Each ride has a goal. Whether it’s to defeat the bad guys, rescue innocents, or simply survive you have your task laid out for you. But with a ranked score system and gameplay that rewards skill, these rides can get very competitive. At the end of each ride, you’ll be eagerly looking at the rankings to see who was the best blaster in your group. To reach the top of the leaderboard, it helps to know a few tips ahead of time.

Los Banditos Ride

One of The RiDE 7D’s most popular stories is that of Los Banditos. The mad scientist, Balthazar Salazar, has created an army of cowboy robots to terrorize a small town. You’ll need to pursue these villains through an Old West landscape to protect the people. The following are three tips on how you can save the townsfolk and rack up a ton of points.

Tip 1: Avoid Civilians

The innocent townsfolk already have enough trouble with the robot invasion, they don’t need to catch any stray laser beams while being rescued. Blasting a civilian will earn you a hefty 500-point penalty. To keep your score high, make sure you’re only blasting the robots.

Tip 2: Bonus Targets

Each ride has a designated bonus target. For Los Banditos, you’ll need to look for gold sheriff badges. When you see these glistening symbols throughout the ride, make sure you send a well-placed shot their way for an extra 500 points.

Tip 3: Blast Robots

This small town ain’t big enough to accommodate a hoard of robots. The best way to keep your score high is to blast as many robots as you can. Don’t panic, aim your shots, and just keep blasting the whole time.


Part of what makes The RiDE 7D so thrilling is the competition. Using these three tips you can now vie for that vaunted spot at the top of the leaderboard and the bragging rights that come with it. Now all you need is a team. Bring your family, friends, or team-building group over to The RiDE 7D for some affordable thrills.

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